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  1. Roller girl got and gave just the kind of snide to quell the tide in any guys love life, but jense in his defense had a point, yo dats the joint is reserved for first not the worste, not saing mj aint got gems but dems some other songs by him that will get your back up off the wall, .. I'm not a rapper I'm just stalling til I make a remix that gets charted and I can guest talk about it, you know my steve's honey beats. crystal castles oh takeshi take a seat with wei wei working with a cold, nice to know somebody else makes bold boob post tweets, now Im just wondering what to be for haloween, micheal myers playing micheal meyers playing fat bastard playing shred soccer or a cockerile blocking shots cuz I tea tote. Let me leave you with a quote "it's time to say good bye, to turning tables" the life you guys talk about is the sort of thing they write about in fables. goood show

  2. Well like all good things , this summah has come to an end. We whipe away our bug spray and sun tan lotion and give thanks to Kreme and the favorite laotion Ku. What will fill our ears now? I bid adeu to the sun and wonder how chill fall will be, an epic fail or national materpiece, november 6th I think it is, DBS gets elected president and ram hands gets his own talk show aired opposite the view. The vikings smoke the bears to win the NFC north, the Gophers head to the rose bowl, and the Twins sign Johnny Damon, Dennis Eckersly and Andre Dawson.

  3. Summah was vicariously enticing like every other season. You know meeting people in spring and winter who you don't see much during the summah because they have plans to do stuff. So I pretty much just kept to myself and worked on music like it was winter. I'm glad that I'm done with it, probably will try to chase summah somewhere else because winter here is horrible weather. soundcloud.com/carlandermixes are my songs of summah. my gum of summah is peppermint ice cream (don't remember the brand) summah buzz : blue moon summah honey wheat got a summah loving mix that I'm finishing today I'll post it at mixcloud.com/stephenbjorn yup yup

  4. Been watching Trejo films since I was a kid, his entrance in Desperado is one of the best in modern cinema by my opinion. Its cool he got lead role and also featured in the Call of the Dead DLC . Speaking of which is effing hard, I wish I was better at it so I could move the story along. thanks for providing the interview. peace

  5. There was a woman from England who attempted to marry a dolphin, it was a popular story on the bbc a few years back. I'm really glad this show is on, Howards music is like Fu shnickins, beastie boys, mc paul barman, kulap is like the girl you worked with that had a boyfriend before you started dating in highschool, and laughs at your jokes. When I listen while organizing my cpu or putting together mixes I feel like I am at the arcade , eternal summah, peace!