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  1. I recommend "The Covenant" for one single, hilariously awful line of dialogue. Let me set up. The movie is a supernatural teen thriller (that last word used loosely) about four teenage boys living the high life as the big men on their New England prep school campus, mainly because they're pretty, but also because they're descended from an ancient line of witches. So they have magic powers that they use to amuse themselves and cause trouble, until one day when another boy shows up who also claims to be a warlock and wants to take their powers. Basically, the story boils down to four powerful, attractive, privileged kids defending their position from a less-deserving, lower-class interloper. Warm and fuzzy stuff. In the climax of the movie, the interloper battles the hero in a barn, and begins the showdown with this line: "I'm going to make you my wee-atch." I kid you not. You must experience this for yourselves, and help me redeem the couple hours I lost watching it myself by adding your delightful commentary. Thanks!