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  1. Eatin ain't cheatin when you're not in a relationship. I'm so alone it hurts.
  2. buttplug.com

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    Loved this episode, Marino is always great. I recently saw him in Wanderlust, and I almost shit myself laughing at his freak out scene. This is not the right forum, but I don't care; Please bring back Party Down or make a movie of it.
  3. buttplug.com

    Episode 37 — Speed 2: Cruise Control

    The whole logic of if you jump off the cruise ship you will be sucked into the propeller was dis-proven when he jumps off the back of the boat trying to jump on the double jet ski boat. The cruise ship is going 20 knots, he lands in the water, and immediately out of nowhere Dante helps him back into the ship. This movie had so many mistakes. Loved the episode though, "What did you want him to makes ears at her."
  4. buttplug.com

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    Great episode. That's the first episode I've listened to right after I watched the movie, and that's definitely a much better experience. There are two things from the movie that bug me the most. Why didn't Cage ask Sister Rose how his daughter burned? She didn't have to tell him why, but he didn't even think of asking her. Maybe she would have lied, but why not even ask? Also, the ending killed me, not because cage dies, but because the first ten minutes were never explained. Am I missing something? Were the car crash and the little blond girl in the beginning and his daughter being a little blond girl just a coincidence? After I typed that, I had an epiphany: He was driven to save Rowan, a little blond girl, because he couldn't let another little blond girl die. The whole movie was leading to his eventual craziness. His punching women, screaming, and stealing bikes were because he had finally lost it. The timing of Willow's letter was never explained, but sometimes you can't explain fate or storytelling laziness. Please visit my site if you are 18 and into that.
  5. buttplug.com

    Episode 94 — Dip Didda Dip Dow!

    This is my favorite ep. I remember driving around listening to this, and I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face. Andy Daly always gets to me, from, I think his first appearance, of the party guy and the LA based comic to his cowboy poet. Ben Schwartz always kills it. I love how Soccermom kept referencing the Baly's guy, and Hotdog's only defense was that he felt his voice started out much different. The only problem I had with the ep, was that Sauce and Ben said they never get sent hot dogs, I get sent loose hot dogs all the time. Please visit my website, I need money for some research.