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  1. Long before Ali G, Borat, Dennis Pennis and Jiminy Glick there was Norman Gunston. Here are some of his best (including interviews with people I know you are interested in).


    Sally Struthers (just some context, the Logies is the Australian version of the Emmys):


    KISS: http://youtu.be/d7DeKOILTgU


    Paul & Linda McCartney:


    Mick Jagger: http://youtu.be/69zoOUUxbJI


    Frank Zappa (context, Norman finishes with the ABC news theme tune)


    Keith Moon:


    Warren Beatty:


    Norman sings Liza with a Z:

  2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120390/


    Was going to put this in the Summer Movies until I discovered it wasn't one. Anyway, this movie deserves an episode.


    Among the most crap things in this movie:


    1) The 747 flying upside down and, as soon as it is righted, Ray Liotta sits down and has a Martini

    2) The 747 hits a karaoke bar, the front landing gear visibily plows through the roof at a speed that is barely faster than a brisk jog.

    3) The final landing is done on autopilot.

    4) It's a Christmas Eve flight to a popular destination on a 747, and yet there are less than 25 passengers.

    5) Lauren Holly (Flight Attendant) gives Ray Liotta (gun toting, rapist/serial killer) the keys to the cockpit.

    6) Elaborate christmas lights the full length of the 747

    7) The Flight Attendant/Ground Crew first discover the pilots are all dead when the plane is leaving Illinois, and yet the plane is allowed to continue to LAX for no apparent reason other than that's where the guy who originally arrested the serial killer is.

    8) Lauren Holly engages the autopilot AFTER Ray Liotta has already destroyed the autopilot computer


    That's just scratched the surface, I haven't mentioned any of the crappy acting or dialogue. Also, despite being a total flop, this movie has 2 direct to video sequals which I am now going to try and track down.


    Would love to hear a show on it.