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  1. You may be considering ignoring this catchphrase because you are unsure if it is true, but I'm not claiming to hold a great truth, I'm just trying to start a conversation: a conversation about duality and how the universe seeks balance, like the yin-yang, man.
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    Mars Bars in Fancy Cars

    Mustard yellow Lamborghini. "In the bandana code of the gay leather subculture, wearing a mustard bandana means that one is a size queen."
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    Costume Emporium Company

    CUSTOMER:Welcome to Costume Emporium Company. Costumes are pretty good things. EMPLOYEE: Yeah, I like them too. CUSTOMER: That's very nice. SMASH CUT TO BLACK
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    He saunters like an Egyptian tailor.

    He saunters like an Egyptian tailor. (That's "tailor" as in garment designer, not "Taylor" as in Taylor Hanson, musician and middle brother of the band Hanson, as well as lead singer of the supergroup Tinted Windows.)
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    Grandma Helmet Gimme Grumble

    Grandpa Helmut Jimmy Crumble
  7. Once more, we find our intrepid host sitting side-by-side with a side-by-side.
  8. How a Chinese could make love for 40 minutes?
  9. An alien supercomputer brain interface, traveling through intergalactic space.
  10. are made of plastic and steel. Think about that. That is both the power of human ingenuity and a visceral demonstration of the often counterintuitive wonder of being. Kali Ma Shakti de.
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    Forget this one

    Just read my other post. This one sucked. This better not get chosen out of the ones I've submitted. Kali Ma Shakti de.
  12. How do I revolutionize the global socioeconomic paradigm, and what is the most polite way to offer cunnilingus to a stranger?
  13. Shred: To surf aggressively (also see "Hot-Dogging").
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    You like my whale tail, bro?

    Incest or transvestism? You decide. (Come on, it's not that kind of show.)
  15. Cleopatra seduced Mark Antony on the banks of the Berdan River using perfumes and toilet waters.
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    Overcoming: Sex Addiction

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    Chauncey is Chancellor.

    Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor. Chauncey is Chancellor.
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    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

    Someone better follow through on the Hawaii thing. You'll be glad you did. Ask my buddy Shia Labeouf about the great time he had on Hawaii island whilst filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  19. Wouldn't that be something?
  20. And still not for the $7 endless soup and salad combo, if you continue to catch my drift.
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    Hans... BUBBY...

    I'm your white knight.