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  1. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Look, please, just eat your tapioca.

    Toot-Tootles, my little Murphy Groupies.
  2. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    For that Canadian sensation.

    Eat your fucking tapioca.
  3. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    I've gotta get to a Tony Roma's.

    And not for the $7 endless soup and salad combos, if you catch my drift.
  4. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    I'm strangely attracted to my wife's unisex 10 speed...

    my wife
  5. The number 8 represents infinity, and 88 is The Eternal feeding-back into itself. It is beyond time: it is timelessness. The realm of Pure Form. I have found the key.
  7. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    The studio is cleansed.

    Now dirty it up again, you nasty, nasty boy.
  8. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Feel my pog scorn.

    Do it. Feel it. Feel my pog scorn.
  9. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    I don't know if this van could get any wilder.

    - Gene Wilder
  10. I don't know if this van could get any wilder.
  11. You'll remember my first guest from his years on SNL, playing characters like Mr. Peepers, Mango, and Gay Hitler, as well as his appearances in films like A Night at the Roxbury and Corky Romano. Please welcome Chris Kattan to the show!
  12. "She used to impregnate me all the time," I recalled. "Really?" she inquired. "With a car like that? You bet!" I replied.
  13. ...where our love of holes is rivaled only by Shia LaBeouf
  14. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Jesus Christ was a Gila Monster

    Jesus Christ was a Gila Monster
  15. Sammy Davis Jr. dying many year ago, he body bin decay ever since.
  16. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Cantaloupe Raunch

    Polymer grips
  17. I pissed in my milkshake, knowing that you would drink it.
  18. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Spirit gems, Mumbai Marble.

    When up through the ground come a geyser of jewels. Crystals that is...
  19. DownInTheLicoriceMines

    Pleasure Time in the Licorice Mine

    Pleasure Time in the Licorice Mine!!!!!!!!!