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  1. I have the curse where I kill people just by mentioning them. It's always people whom I'd never really think about much, and when I do - bam. I first realized when I was 17 and I killed Isaac Asimov by randomly mentioning him to someone who didn't even know who he was.
  2. JuanaBlanca

    Episode 185 — Letting Go of Macklemore

    I'm only 15 minutes in but I'm already feeling like Karen Kilgariff is my twin.
  3. JuanaBlanca

    Episode 292 — DJs Are Sleaze Js

    I'm gonna stop being polite and start getting real for a minute: I'm having a stressful day because my son needs surgery and today is not a day where I can just forget it's happening. My mind started wandering while I was listening to this and I was getting upset, and then Jon Daly starts in on the My Little Pony purple limp dick. I started cry-laughing and I really do feel better. I don't know if this is the first time someone has thanked Jon for a purple limp dick joke (it may not be) but thanks, man.
  4. JuanaBlanca

    Episode 1418 - Bob Saget

    I was actually yelling "Ron Glass! It's Ron Glass!" to my empty room.
  5. JuanaBlanca

    Episode 1417 - Jesse Thorn

    Oliver is adorable.
  6. I almost sang "it's been a while" to my kid's daycare teacher this morning. If I had actually done that I would've been so embarrassed I would've sued Scott and Scott for pain and suffering.
  7. I love this podcast and I love Todd and I love today. Thank you.
  8. JuanaBlanca

    Episode 90 — Doom-Wop

    I'm just excited that my rap name is Blue Cheese.