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  1. I seriously don't understand why you think it's ok to have 4- 6 ads in one fucking show. It's already a live show. So, you're charging money to the people there. I listen to hundreds of podcasts and nobody puts as many fucking ads in their show as you do when they're not live, let alone when they're not. I love comedy bang bang, and I was able to get their current live show, 30 episodes in one month by paying for one month of Howl.fm. But I didn't even pay for it, because they offered me an introductory month. So for free, I'm getting 30 episodes of Comedy Bang Bang live with no commercials, except they make a joke about Leesa mattresses in the middle sometimes, and it's become part of the show. It's fun. This show, getting money from the live performance, puts 2 ads up front, then stops the fucking show, once, twice, three times in the fucking show for paul to shill nonsense at me. I understand you have to make enough money to put the show on, but you guys are fucking greedy. How much would I have to pay for a premium service for you to stop cramming each episode full of ads?
  2. John G.

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    OK, I know it's a free show, but so are all my other podcasts, and they don't have 6 ads before the show and 6 ads in the middle of the show too.
  3. John G.

    Episode 178 — Books

    Kyle is exactly right about rewarding dogs for behavior you want. If you yell at them, it doesn't teach them anything except that they're upset and afraid now. They will still jump up on people when you're not around. They've just learned to be afraid around you. I'll take Kyle's dog over David any day. He likes Magic and doesn't like dogs????
  4. John G.

    Episode 56.5 — Minisode 56.5

    Do you guys read these boards? Is there an email address that's a better choice? Because if you guys do decide to watch a new movie that's out in theaters again, I have the perfect new movie for you to watch for the next new-movie HDTGM, "A Good Day to Die Hard". This movie is LITERALLY one long boring action scene. It's BANANAS. The screenplay is GARBAGE. There are only a few scenes with dialogue in the movie, like the writers were very reluctant to interrupt their two-hour action scene, or their apparent goal to break the "most cars crushed in a movie" record. They ham-fist an emotionally distant father/got something to prove son arc into this thing like we should be ashamed of ourselves for making them do it. In every scene Bruce Willis seems bored and like he's thinking of something else. Because Bruce Willis is old now, the writers basically had to make him invincible so he doesn't have to run or move very much. For no reason at all, this movie ends up at Chernobyl. But beyond plot and action failures, this movie fails at even a technically proficient level. The sound mixing is all fucked up. They will cut from a loud action scene on the street to the inside of a car and Bruce Willis sounds like he's reading his lines while half asleep in another room, six months after the shoot with a bad hangover and very little will to live. I don't know how it ends, because it's the 4th movie in my life that I simply couldn't give enough fucks to stay till the end. It's that bad. A perfect HDTGM film. DO IT!
  5. Yo, Is it sexist to be talking about race but keep calling people "pussies" meaning weak "like a woman"?
  6. Yo, Is it sexist to be talking about race but keep calling people "pussies" meaning weak "like a woman"?
  7. John G.

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    GOD DAMN IT, SCOTT. That was the greatest thing to have ever happened on CBB. Have Gwenyth on every week. That sanctimonious bitch needs to be skewered more for my listening pleasure.