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  1. When he said he was skinning a bear I thought for sure he was going to say he layed the skin out on a rock. And thats why he voted for Bear Rock Obama.
  2. karateslap

    Episode 123 — Thunder Head

    Fuck yeah Cold WAr Kids! Also anyone else notice that when asked for a female actress Howard immediately picked a red?
  3. karateslap

    Episode 18 — Fake Girl Voice

    Brooke is also a dummy because Taekwondo is most famous for its kicks and, though I haven't seen the episode, I doubt he was rolling the dough with his feet.
  4. karateslap

    Episode 201 — End Scene

    If they moved the show to whatever the new hologram comedy medium will be, would they then call it a Holocast? Probably not...
  5. karateslap

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    Guys, he says "The Butcher of New Liberty." That gives a count of zero n-bombs. I guess it's understandable to start expecting outright racism after a lynching scene, but nope it doesn't get that bad.
  6. karateslap

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    I never noticed the voice activated turret silliness, not even when I rewatched it for this episode. I also love how everything kept coming back to the pasta robot. Hillarious ep! P.S. With all this talk of pasta robots, how did no one say "pastabot?"