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  1. Hi everyone on the earwolf forums. I produce a podcast called The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. The host is a cat, she takes calls from food, celebrities and friends and talks to them about whatever is bothering them. The show is improvised with up and coming comedians and improvisers (most recently we had on Mike O'Keefe who in the last year has opened for Tig Nataro, Micheal Ian Black, The Sklars and Bo Burnham) The calls range from a pulled pork sandwich starting a kickstarter for his band to Al Pacino and Matthew Mcconaughey celebrating the five year release of their movie Two For The Money. Everyone and everything is a character, the humor is beyond absurd, and its a lot fun. So check it out, thanks guys. Chomps on Itunes
  2. John Basketball

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    Me and my writting partner have a podcast called The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. The humor is absurd, Chomps talks to food and celebrities about whatever is on their mind. Some shows consist of a cat talking to a lemon about how it hates being a garnish or a mountain lion calls in while its sneaking into wimbelton. The calls in improvised by up and coming comedians and improvisers all over the country. Its a very unique concept that is a lot of fun to do. Here's the Itunes link. The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show We also have a web seris and make funny movies. Click BANG! Productions.