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    EPISODE 377 β€” Good Night In The Morning

    I haven't awkwardly tried to stifle my laughter at work this hard to a CBB episode in awhile, this is an insta-classic.
  2. pterodactylcackle

    EPISODE 111.5 β€” Minisode 111.5

    I LOVE this movie and I'm going to be disappointed if June doesn't. It's just so off the walls and ridiculous, I was smiling the whole time. Space werewolves, incest, the space DMV, space rollerblades, dinosaur/dragon dudes, glam goth space capitalists, werebee Sean Bean, more bees... I don't know what else anyone could ask for in a film. Truly every thirteen year old girl's poorly but lovingly conceived sci-fi novel come to life. There are so many shitty, unbelievable action movies with terrible dialog/plot and way too much money thrown at it that cater to a male fantasy (the Transformers model of a generic dude becoming a badass, defeating evil and winning a hot girl). This is like the female version of that-- finding out you're secretly a wealthy space queen who gets to wear fabulous outfits and get continuously rescued by Channing Tatum in eyeliner (terrible as he looks in this movie). As terrible as it is, I'm really glad it exists, and Eddie Redmayne's performance is just... unbelievable. I can't believe he won an Oscar the same year, I'm gonna pretend it was for this movie.
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    EPISODE 205 β€” Transgender

    I think gender is similar to sexuality in that the majority can relate enough to the straightforward identities (straight, gay) that it doesn't give them much pause, but there are no strict boundaries, and many people don't quite fit into either of those labels. It's more complicated than just adding bisexuality and calling it a day because gender and sexuality are super personal and complicated and influenced by so many external factors, how each person identifies and what they are/aren't attracted to don't follow any set rules.. That's why we end up with so many different terms, because you're trying to box in people's unique experiences and not everybody is going to find a box that truly describes their own reality/truth. Cis people who are comfortable with their gender identities still have varied gender presentations. For example, many women would be uncomfortable presenting like Dolly Parton, with corsets and fake boobs and wigs and heavy makeup and heels 24/7. Dolly Parton and Rachel Maddow are both cis women, but they have very different gender presentations. As a way to visualize it, if we have some gender matrix, you might have some people off in one corner and others in another. You could draw general boundaries around where the majority lie and say this is "women," but ultimately that definition/line is arbitrary, and each person is going to define "woman" differently and decide whether or not that describes them or not. It can also be hard for many to find their own truth when there is so much stigma-- like Ian was describing, he considered continuing to live as a super butch lesbian, even though that didn't fit his true identity. Then there's the whole question of dysphoria and people experience that to different degrees, and some trans and non-binary people don't experience it at all. Some people who identify as cis could be comfortable identifying as non-binary/trans, but choose not to because of the stigma, internalized or not (similar to how some queer people choose to live as heterosexual for whatever reasons). Tl;dr gender is complicated and just because most people can more or less fit into a box they're comfortable with, it doesn't mean that everyone in that box is really the same or in it for the same reasons.
  4. pterodactylcackle

    EPISODE 104 β€” ZARDOZ 2

    This is amazing. I want more episodes of just Paul asking June her opinions on a bad movie she barely remembers and having her read her ridiculous notes.
  5. pterodactylcackle

    EPISODE 196 β€” Addiction

    I think that Harris's YMIW episode offers a lot of answers to anyone wondering what Harris was going through. He says in it that he wanted to stay sober (after his second stint in rehab) because he knew that if he went back to heroin that he could die and that he didn't want that for his parents or himself. He also talks about how he felt he was living a 'double life' while using heroin and was good at hiding his addiction from his coworkers and friends. It's pretty easy to understand, listening to his story and his other podcast appearances where he describes his personal life/relationship to drugs over the years, how this could happen. Unbelievably sad, addiction is some serious shit. This was a good episode, Sean Jordan is a great guest! Would like to see more of him.
  6. pterodactylcackle

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I'm already listening to this again and man, Scott did NOT like that scheduling bit, will not stand by it. I thought it was funny, especially when it got pretty heated between Harris, Chelsea and Scott and Adam interjects to explain that his app looks different because he doesn't have the gmail app.
  7. pterodactylcackle

    EPISODE 336 β€” NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    This steak bit is killing me. Thanks for releasing this. I laughed, I cried, I felt very uncomfortable.
  8. pterodactylcackle

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    JUPITER ASCENDING. The greatest film ever made. It's got space werewolf Channing Tatum on magic space rollerskates, glam Voldemort who speaks like he's dying, talking dragons, the space DMV, evil space capitalist tycoons, incest and BEES.
  9. pterodactylcackle


    Dolly Parton trying to win a bet by turning NY cabbie Sylvester Stallone into a country western singer? This movie is a slam dunk.
  10. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 319 β€” Return to Suicide House Part Gore

    Scott, stop this "all of A sudden" nonsense. Stay true to yourself, fight the power.
  11. I honestly feel like this podcast has done more for U2's relevance than their free album release.
  12. Rice Krispies gettin' that free promo.
  13. The description of Portland food being in bowls & piles is so accurate. I was recently staying with some friends in France and they asked what I eat normally since I'm vegan and I was like "you know, bowls of stuff, just all the food on top of each other."
  14. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 10 β€” Fuego

    Scott laughing so hard at his own concept of a one-sided Cheeto was my favorite part of this episode. Also, I cannot believe this podcast started almost three years ago. How the time flies!
  15. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 428 β€” Iggy Azalea Rapcent

    Um yeah it's racist... And she is a racist.
  16. This podcast is so idiotic, I love it. Laughs per episode is the highest of any podcast for me. Please don't let this be the end!
  17. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    I agree, he was mostly joking, but I do think that men are more likely to fear embarrassment/humiliation as the major threat from women, whereas women are more likely to fear assault and violence as the major threat from men. That discussion was kind of jarring to me, perhaps because I have a lot of feelings about bathroom/locker room/etc. segregation in relation to safety and discrimination, especially with regard to people who are not gender binary. Anyway, I really liked this episode and I thought the more serious first half was a nice change of pace (and still had several laugh out loud moments). Todd Glass has been killing it in his most recent appearances, just bought his book and am excited to read it!
  18. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 14 β€” Staind Glass

    This may be my favorite episode of any podcast. And add me to the list of people who almost "it's been awhile"d someone they interact with professionally...
  19. I highly dislike U2, but I mean I listened to every episode of Analyze Phish, so I suppose I'll have to give this shot.
  20. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 273 β€” Vape Cod

    I was wondering if they would ever address Harris' twitter flubs on CBB. He really needs to learn to not talk about topics he's not educated on because he's already kinda Azealia Banksed himself. ~The internet never forgets.~ Anyway, Jim O'Heir was a great guest and Horatio Sanz was hilarious as always. You guys need to get Retta soon!
  21. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 000 β€” The Teaser Episode

    Shouldn't this be out now?
  22. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 266 β€” The Calvins Twins

    I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments because I laughed out loud more than usual. The bit about shitting heights killed me.
  23. pterodactylcackle

    Episode BO2013.4 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 4

    With Two Thumbs already out of contention, I am totally on board with the #1 choice, it was even funnier than the first one. I am hoping 2014 brings us a Time Bobby 3??? This year I disagreed with the list more than I usually do, but I guess it was just a good year with lots of great eps to pick from. Hope the next is just as solid!
  24. pterodactylcackle

    Episode BO2013.2 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 2

    It is an affront to comedy that Two Thumbs & Not Much Else isn't #1, it's probably my favorite CBB episode ever.
  25. pterodactylcackle

    Episode 257 β€” Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    I love Will Forte (what a dreamboat), hope Nebraska goes into wider release soon! "They should call him Texter" killed me.