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    Bad Summer Movies!

    JAWS: THE REVENGE!!! It would be sacrilege to have a bad summer movie series without it... The heartwarming tale of a telepathic shark that travels over 1200 miles through the chilly Atlantic to the tropical Bahamas in order to avenge his slain bloodline. You've got... - Michael Cane playing Hoagie, a drug trafficker with a heart of gold. A role that caused him to miss accepting his Academy Award for Hannah and Her Sisters. - A telepathic connection between Helen Brody and the shark (oh yes there are dream sequences!) - A shark taking down a sea-plane... yes a f*cking sea plane! - The shark's final demise involves recycled footage from the original - The water tank wall is clearly visible for almost the entire finale! and much much more!!! Fun fact: In the original script (and featured in the novelization and may have even been shot - Universal is mum) the reasoning behind the shark's obsession with the Brody family is not revenge but a voodoo curse! Yes a gosh darn voodoo curse!. Please please, please consider!