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    Episode 101 — Xanadu: LIVE!

    I saw the Broadway musical when I was in a theater camp and I really enjoyed it. Unlike the movie, it was a straight comedy and fully embraced the ridiculousness of the plot. Tony Roberts (best known as Woody Allen's sidekick in Play It Again, Sam and Annie Hall) played the dual role of Gene Kelly and Zeus and he was a lot of fun to watch. I think the ELO songs are pretty awesome, I don't know what Jason has against Jeff Lynne who even if you don't like his work with ELO has produced some really cool albums for Tom Petty and George Harrison.
  2. AdamKushner

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    The next Stallone movie to tackle should be "Stop! or My My Mom Will Shoot" starring Stallone and none other than Estelle Getty of the Golden Girls. Because that is definitely one movie that I have wondered, "How did this get made?"