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  1. The 80's. Karate. Bruce Lee's ghost. Van Damme as an evil Russian karate master.
  2. LeilDavidCardoza

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

    One of Van Damme's first films, he has a bit part as the evil Russian Karate expert. And also there is the ghost of Bruce Lee.
  3. LeilDavidCardoza

    The Toxic Avenger (1984)

    This movie is insane. Please do this movie. Please.
  4. LeilDavidCardoza

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    Oh! And apparently there are different levels of fine for obscenity, because the first time we see it used is when Huxley mutters "sanctimonious asshole" under her breath, and is fined one half credit for "A sotto voce violation of the verbal morality act"
  5. LeilDavidCardoza

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    Also, when we watch Stallone get frozen, it is clearly via chemical reaction that takes whatever Zima or whatever is pumped into his tank and turns it solid with the addition of the little blue thing. So it's a chemical process, not a thermodynamic process. In other words, they're not putting him in a literal freezer, they're placing him in suspended animation. Nonetheless, 36 years later, the place is so cold, and apparently so poorly designed to deal with the stresses of it's own environment, that everything in the prison is covered in frost. Also, the liquid that covers Phoenix at the end is the same liquid that is used to put people in suspended animation. So, again, it is designed to KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE, but when it is activated this time it suddenly behaves like liquid nitrogen, and Phoenix shatters like the liquid metal Terminator.
  6. LeilDavidCardoza

    Episode 66 — Demolition Man: LIVE!

    I have to point out two omissions. First, did nobody notice the C-4 drums before the building exploded? Second, Huxley makes a comment about Spartan's active duty arrest record that basically works out to Spartan made at least one arrest per day in the three years leading up to him finally catching Phoenix, which just doesn't sound mathematically feasible to me. Also, on the subject of the seashells, who the hell uses seashells, paper, or any other tools to pull the shit out of their own ass?! I don't know about you guys, but mine just falls out into the toilet.