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  1. So how much money did this guy pay for a personal forum and neoliberal advertisement space?
  2. Timfastic

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    What he said. If someone is like "Hey I am awesome at wooing anyone of any particular gender," it isn't weird to ask "how". But, it is weird to discuss how you use calculated manipulation of someone in order to impress them and lull them into a sense of security about you. By saying "she was asking for it", though as a way to rhetorically imply that she consciously opened up the door to his weirdness, you are placing a system of social power unto Kulap in terms of your language. She asked him to explain some weird fact he mentioned the same way she (or howard) might ask anyone to explain anything odd they might have just said, but using Kulap as some sort of okaying-scapegoat is just ridiculous.
  3. Timfastic

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    I listened to the whole episode. There were multiple instances of this guy being a creep, and I thought Kulap's silence throughout most of his ramblings spoke volumes. He is supposed to be a film expert, but really didn't say anything particularly interesting about film at all. I mean, he spoke a little more "deep" about cinema than most people, but it was still pretty Film 101. I wonder if maybe Kulap was trying to cut the tension of his creepiness with a "See it doesn't work on me, you can't essentialize women like that" sort of approach that probably never really came to fruition because Gore was all over the fucking place. I mean, I caught this all after like...7 beers at 3am while falling asleep. So, i don't think we are blowing it out of proportion. It was incredibly obvious. I fumbled through a registration process in order to say so. The genius of WC is that each episode is customized for each guest. So, it isn't really ever supposed to be a specific way. They always have different charts and orient those charts based on the lives of the guests they have on. So, maybe I had the expectation that a supposed film expert might have some insightful or entertaining film based anecdotes, He took it off on weird directions on his own.
  4. Timfastic

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    I honestly thought that Kulap sounded creeped out. I mean, I was at times. Chris Gore's interesting thoughts on movies, and I'm paraphrasing here, "I'll see Magic Mike on DVD because I don't want people to think I'm gay, but the director's movies are good even if you aren't gay." Stunning criticism.
  5. Timfastic

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    Also there is a lot of weirdly palpable misogyny in this one...
  6. Timfastic

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    I'm listening to this at 3am. I'm somewhat drunk. Did something prompt Chris Gore's conversation about him picking up women? To me, this came out of no where and I'm like "when the fuck did this start?"