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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IWX4QHUA30&feature=youtu.be Looks like it just popped up on Youtube. Documentary from 1984, lots of fun.
  2. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    I can't find the link to the reply interview with Sheldon Lettich that's mentioned at the end of the episode, re: Bloodsport. Anyone have a link?
  3. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 90 — Sharknado 2: The Second One

    I feel there's some problem with the hosts understanding that people make stupid comedies on purpose. Call it the "Hudson Hawk Dilemma" - where it sounds like they're deliberately misunderstanding what are obviously jokes in order to wring some comedy out of it. Okay, you may not like Sharknado 2, but at least appreciate that they're not trying to make a serious movie. Does anyone go up to Paul and ask him why San Diego needs an SUV-based anti-terrorism unit? Or tells Jason that there's no way anyone as crazy as Rafi would really exist? Yet that's how they're treating this movie.
  4. Famous Mortimer


    Firstly, I’ve been listening since the beginning, appreciate the amount of free entertainment I’ve been given, and am a fan of most of the other stuff you all do. It’s always been there to a greater or lesser extent, but the amount of interruptions and talking over each other has become unbearable in recent months. “Crossroads” is the ultimate example, I think, which was painful to listen to with the number of ideas and sentences that got cut off. In the most recent episode, Paul evidently started feeling the same way as me as he actually shut up Jason and Andy Daly at one point. It just seems like the show would benefit from some system for surrendering the floor. If no-one else feels the same way, then I’ll keep quiet, but I don’t believe anyone thinks this is the best a group of amazingly talented comedians like you three could be doing.
  5. Famous Mortimer

    One for the Money (2012)

    If you can just stare at Katherine Heigl in those jeans she wears, then the film is wonderful. Otherwise, not so much. I rather enjoyed the books the film is based on too, which is maybe I was as disappointed in it as I was.
  6. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 77 — Hudson Hawk

    I've done all this in the minisode thread, and I normally love the podcast, but this one was just way off. It's like none of the podcasters (and very few people in this thread) are prepared to accept it's supposed to be a comedy, it's supposed to be over the top, and that the actors are in on it. If Hudson Hawk had turned a decent profit, but had otherwise been the exact same movie, it wouldn't be on this podcast. There'd be "remember when Bruce Willis made crazy comedies like this?" reviews on a few sites, but otherwise it'd be in the same boat as the rest of the films he made in the late 80s / early 90s, (in other words: mostly forgotten except Die Hard). Willis would have never badmouthed it, Grant's abuse would have been seen as small potatoes, and that would be that. Given the podcasters have been in comedies that were pretty badly savaged by the critics in recent years - by Rotten Tomatoes scores, Ass Backwards is at 28%, Piranha 3DD at 13% (The Dictator got 57%, but even the positive reviews are a bit cagey) - you think they'd be a bit more generous towards other films which got a similar savaging. But apparently not. It's just not that bad a film - its a comedy far odder than it has any right to be, never takes itself seriously and thoroughly entertains (me, anyway). Even saying all that, I'd have excused the podcast if their reasons for not liking it were articulated a bit better than "as if that would happen!"
  7. A sci fi post-apocalyptic mess that steals scenes and ideas from every sci-fi movie that was going at the time, funny as hell and never gets boring. I think it'd be a perfect film for them to do.
  8. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 76.5 — Minisode 76.5

    The very deliberate campy overacting from Willis, Grant and Bernhard (among others). The way it doesn't take itself remotely seriously. The whole new CIA team, who are great. I've read reviews of it down the years where people are just desperate to pile on, because it was a box office disaster and the stars distanced themselves from it and so on - I think so many of those reviews missed the point a bit. For a big budget studio comedy with a star of Willis' size in it, it's a strange strange choice for a movie, no doubt, but would you rather see a movie that aims big and (maybe) misses a little, or yet another safe boring occasionally amusing comedy? If you just look at Willis in the few years around HH's release, he made the Look Who's Talking films, Bonfire Of The Vanities, The Last Boy Scout and Death Becomes Her. These films range from average to terrible, but what they have in common is I'd rather watch HH again over any of them, in a heartbeat. There's very little like it, even now, so even if it was a complete disaster in every way it'd still be an interesting film to watch. Its sense of humour happens to chime with mine, so I love it, no matter what Bruce Willis, Richard E Grant or Paul, Jason and June think of it.
  9. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 76.5 — Minisode 76.5

    Eh, I'm in the minority on this one and I don't mind. I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite its flaws.
  10. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 76.5 — Minisode 76.5

    I'm going to have to disagree with this film's inclusion. "Hudson Hawk" is one of those films whose status as a great classic of bad cinema is set in stone, with no dissent allowed...and it's really not that bad. By all accounts, Willis was sort of a dick at the time, and any time you didn't see his face in shot it was definitely a double doing his work for him; but it's a surprisingly funny and odd comedy with tons of scenery-chewing performances from a bunch of great actors. It's not perfect, for sure, but it's a million miles away from most of the stuff featured on HDTGM? Approach it just as any other film, not as "oh my god, we're going to watch this mega-flop of a movie" and I reckon quite a few of you will be pleasantly surprised.
  11. Famous Mortimer

    Demon Cop

    This film is the most head-hurtingly bizarre film I've ever seen. There's a clip from it which goes viral every now and again, let's see if I can track it down...actually, the best I can manage is the intro, which is entirely unrelated to the rest of the film. It's absolutely amazing, and deserves to be every bit as popular as "The Room". Everyone ought to watch this.
  12. Famous Mortimer

    Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

    Agreed - part 1 is funny bad, part 2 is just awful, but part 3...I think part 3 is one of those hidden gems that occasionally pops up in low-budget cinema. If you approach it as the main group being a reference to the way most teenagers actually play the game, it becomes a really rather clever bit of work - and the main relationship is pretty complex for a sword-and-sorcery film.
  13. Famous Mortimer

    Wishmaster (1997)

    They should definitely do Piranha 3DD. It's a disgrace, everyone knows it, so get one of the other cast members on and make fun of it! Also count me as a Wishmaster fan. I used to own it on laserdisc, and there was a making of special feature which had a hilariously earnest interview with Andrew Divoff.
  14. Famous Mortimer

    Demon Cop

    I respectfully disagree - for one thing, it's at least two different movies stitched together (one was an old film about a werewolf called The Curse Of Something Bestial"), and the two main parts don't really go together at all. I think it's right up there with the most bizarre bad movies of all time, and would be perfect for the show.
  15. Famous Mortimer

    FDR: American Badass! (2012)

    The scene where FDR's son shits in a plantpot is worth the price of admission alone.
  16. Famous Mortimer

    Iron Sky (2012)

    It's garbage, so I'd definitely recommend they do it. I reckon there's an outside chance one of the three hosts would really like it too.
  17. Famous Mortimer

    Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

    Red Letter Media did this recently, maybe a bit too recently for another podcast to do it? Don't know.
  18. Famous Mortimer

    Cemetery Man

    I think it's a bit too good for them to have on the show. It'd be the best film they'd ever covered, if they did use it.
  19. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    If it's funnier, then I'll have a different reaction to it.
  20. Famous Mortimer

    The FP (2011)

    The FP is clearly aware of how much of a joke it is, so I don't think it'd work for this show, necessarily.
  21. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    Are the t-shirts themselves some hilariously meta joke as well? Did he actually make any shirts? I sort-of twigged it was a joke interview as soon as Woliner said that Jay Leno was a beloved late night figure, but joke interviews are often required to be funny, and that just wasn't. If the shirts are real, they suck. If they're not, I don't think anyone will be knocking Andy Kaufman off his anti-comedy pedestal any time soon.
  22. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    I was a fan of the comic from way back, and the Thomas Jane version of the character, so I got this film as soon as it came out on DVD, and absolutely loved it. One of the most OTT films of all time.
  23. Famous Mortimer

    Mazes and Monsters (1982)

    It's awful and amazing, so I say yes.
  24. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 45 — Road House: LIVE!

    22 years after what? Road House is from 1989, which make it 17 years.
  25. Famous Mortimer

    Episode 30 — Director's Edition: Cool as Ice

    I think they were incredibly kind to Vanilla Ice, but it's not something they appear to have done much of recently, so I'd say it was an experiment that sort of failed. I mean, Jack O'Halloran was cool in Superman 2 and Whitney Moore was definitely the best thing about Birdemic...I think they should have had a producer say to Ice beforehand "be prepared to get ragged on a little bit", because he seems like he has a bit of a sense of humour about his past now. I think he was surprised at how generous Paul, Jason and June were to him, if anything.