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    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    I have to say that the last time I have seen this movie must have been more than 5 years ago, and while it was horrible, I think it tried to play on the campy-ness of 90's action movies. That being said, I feel like you guys didn't really watch the movie at all. Here are some things to notice. -There is no pasta in Robs mouth in the pasta robot, it is all over his hair, and he has obviously blue, green, and red wires in his mouth along with all in his hands. -Yes, the armor was horrible, no one ever understood that. -The Judge who took the long walk, did so, so he could grant a last request to keep Dredd alive instead of executed. Because judges don't live that long, If they do make it to that age, they take the long walk, basically to bring law, to the lawless.(chances are they are going to die fighting) -The evil judge had nothing to do with the shuttle going down. He just wants to make sure there is no survivors. -Obviously the "Cowboy Cannibals" hideout is an old ruined courthouse. Hense the reason why there is a lady justice statue nearby. (They aren't actually in a cave) -Yes, the re-entry into Mega City was purposterous. -They snuck into the Judge station locker room, then they mugged a judge and took his clothes. -The robot is hinted at by the shop keeper as a leftover from the ABC Wars. Trying to reference that there was a big war back in the day. -They pin down the secret labs location because of the power outages, just like when they moved the statue of liberty, This is still kind of far fetched.