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  1. Loved the first three 3 ninjas movies when i was a kid and then this piece of crap came out. EVERYTHING about this movie is just terrible. Every kid has the worst "cool" haircuts of the 90's, that alone makes this movie hard to watch. I don't know if they have any interest in doing "kids" movies, but this has too be one of the worst movies ever made, I would actually feel bad for Paul and gang to have to watch this.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about this movie! Anything that continues my campaign against trees!


    I know what you're going to say: "But trees produce oxygen!" To which I respond, I've seen people with tanks of oxygen. So who needs trees when we can just get tanks? Screw you, trees!


    are you just against tree's or all flowers in general? without photosynthesis you wouldn't have any oxygen to fill those tanks with!


    It's pretty interesting how Paul picked up on that. Ryu and Ken did seem to have a more than friends relationship and I don't mean brotherly love. They are supposed to be from the same Karate (Shotokan) school, has the same master and are brotherly close The Anime, Street Fighter II The Movie (which came out before Street Fighter the Movie), expanded on their brotherly relationshp but it was written poorly and made it seem like Ryu and Ken had a hard on for each other (not that there's anything wrong with that). This was later exploited in other Street Fighter games and expanded universe. The Japanese game developers recognized the potential homo sexual undertone which they can use to draw in the female demographi, they redesigned Ryu and Ken to be more "Bishonen" (attractive males) and turned them "ambiguously gay." There was a lot of that going in Anime around that time.


    HDTGM crew thank you so much for this! An amazing episode!


    not that i feel the need to defend the sexuality of ken or anything but just a fun fact: Ken is married to Eliza Masters. if you beat street fighter 2 with Ken he gets married in the end. and she is also in the anime street fighter 2 the movie. Ryu on the other hand..... who knows...

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  4. This movie would be perfect for a holloween episode. Warwick Davis plays a character called Plates who basicly run's around with a backpack filled with plates and throws them at people, its pretty hillarious. Their are other monster type characters (which are also pretty funny) in the movie but i saw it years ago and all i really remember about it is Warwick throwing plates at people. Scored a 3.9 on IMDB. I doubt it will be an episode but i suggest you watch it if you like bad horror movies.



  5. I'm busy doing something else at the moment on the computer but Death Race with Jason Statham is playing in the back round. While not actualy watching the movie i can hear every bit of it and some of the lines im hearing im thinking wtf is going on in this movie lol

  6. A teenager living in a trailer park beats a arcade game (which seems to be the biggest thing thats ever happened in this trailer park). Apparently if you can beat this game your qualified to be a real starfighter and defend the galaxy from an evil alien invasion. Loved this when i was younger and watched it recently thinking it would be a nice nastolgic movie but i was wrong, it was just bad.

  7. Killer klowns from outer space is a great movie i think they should do too! Killer clowns land in a small town with there space ship disguised as a circus tent and wrap there victims in cotton candy. this movie actualy scared me as a kid but now i find it just funny.

  8. A hobo arrives at a town looking to start a new life and instead finds the most fucked up town you'll ever see. With the help of a prostitute and a shotgun he decides to take the law into his own hands! No real big actors and its not a major motion piction but they did birdemic didnt they? Its truely rediculous and i would love to hear paul, june and jason's take of this amazingly awful movie.

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