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    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    The episode was fine, but I'm surprised to hear Kevin Smith hate on the Vince Vaughn/Russian nesting doll scene in The Watch. I must not be in the 25 year old male demo, because the scene almost killed me - Vaughn's childish delight at the revelation of each new doll was too funny for words.
  2. overtheseatoskye

    Ghosts of Mars (2001)

    I'm thirding this recommendation - there would be so much to talk about: .Henstridge, Statham, Grier, and Cube .Sub-Judge-Dredd world-building .Obvious last-minute script rewrites .Nonsensical "instant flashback" storytelling .Ice Cube wears huge Mars camo pants .The super-90s music .Proto-Juggalo villains .The insufferable mock-Jane-Lynch scientist .The leader of the Martians is called "Big Daddy Mars" in the credits!! ...plus you could talk about John Carpenter's good movies too! Also, it's on Netflix Instant. You guys should do it!