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  1. Hey Olympics: Gymnasts are weirdos

  2. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Balance and Composure (30), The Wonder Years (29) & Alkaline Trio (16) http://t.co/JfsI9YZf

  3. I'm now the Duke of Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant on #Yelp! http://t.co/LcaAxgS7

  4. Finally found mah GoshDarn #SummahGum http://t.co/xzn0TQDu. cc: @howardkremer #summah!

  5. I'm now the Duke of Dominick's Pizza on #Yelp! http://t.co/Zgj0Wtzx

  6. .Beautiful. Night.

  7. Long Live The Sheik! “@the_ironsheik Tom cruise win the teen choice award for neverhaving sex with his wife”

  8. I've went from just txting or tweeting while driving to just reading full out news articles. #sentwhiledriving

  9. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Ramshackle Glory (59), Taking Back Sunday (26) & Bomb The Music Industry! (23) http://t.co/JfsI9YZf

  10. I checked in at Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant (502 Washington St) on #Yelp http://t.co/ufCgFoVi

  11. After the shooting thoose slimeballs Willard "Mitt if your nasty" Romney and Barack"Barry Soetoro" Obama still make it all about them

  12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  13. Half of Totowa is powerless! I like it.

  14. i WANT to watch Panic Room. SO IM GONNA WATCH PANIC ROOM! #JEEZ

  15. nobodies summah should be spent surrounded by shitty highways and shittier attitudes! #NorfJurseySummah

  16. "hot pepper on fruit?. they dont teach that in school. you gotta learn that on the streets of summah." - @howardkremer #HaveASummah