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  1. "What's Up Hotdog Requiem" by Breakmaster Donaldj (and the Chamber Choir of St. Bartholomew-in-the-Fields)
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  3. Fall on your knees.
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  5. Decades ago when you were small I comforted you. You grew into something horrible, and now it is only my death that will comfort you.
  6. Arkansan Christian School Arms Staff, Posts Warning Sign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO7duqJLtlc
  7. Let us now praise famous men, placing golden trumpets upon their heads foolishly, for no purpose but for our mirth.
  8. Let the plebeians finance our higher brow drama with their broad filth programmes.
  9. City Councillor (And future mayor) Rob Ford explodes during council meeting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOi2wIUCTnA
  10. As I squinted into the clear blue poleward sky, I reflected on the choices I'd made, the people I'd wronged.
  11. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays one's lust for Mandy Patinkin's beard.
  12. donaldj

    A Brief Overview of the Characters

    In the most recent episode, Brian's babysitter gave us an excellent overview of Amarth Amon's character sheet. It'd be neat if we could have a look at all of the character sheets.
  13. donaldj

    A Brief Overview of the Characters

    Alright, updated the Mildred and Ell Ryan, and added the "portrait". It'd be cool if Posehn & Friends uploaded their character sheets for all to see, but perhaps I'm just dreaming.
  14. donaldj

    Episode 6 — Swim Toward The Light

    How about "A Brief History of Shit We Did In The Past" for the tales from past adventures segment? Or, "Remember That Time When Something Awesome Happened?"?
  15. I thought it might be handy if we had a brief overview of all of the characters. Feel free to inform me of any details I might have missed, I'll update as they come. Blackee Green Player: Blaine Capatch Race: Half-Elf Class: Warlock Gender: Male Alignment: Good Status: Alive Known Stats: CHA 19, STR 12 Notes: Has one foot on the ground, one foot in the stars. Mildred Maxton Player: Sarah Guzzardo Race: Dwarf Class: Fighter Gender: Female Alignment: Good Status: Alive Known Stats: STR 15, WIS 6, CHA 6 Notes: Dwarven lady. Small, but powerful dwarf. Amarth Amon Player: Brian Posehn Race: Goliath Class: Barbarian Gender: Male Alignment: Good Status: Alive Known Stats: STR 17 (+5), CON 15 (+4), DEX 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 6 (-2), CHA 12 (+1) At Will Powers: Devastating Strike, Recuperating Strike Encounter Powers: Stone's Endurance, Swift Charge, Avalanche Strike Daily Power: Bloodhunt rage Notes: Tough and a badass. The dimmest of the bunch. Ell Ryan† Player: Gerry Duggan Race: High Elf Class: Shaman Gender: Male Alignment: Unaligned, leaned good (he was his own man). Status: Deceased Known Stats: WIS 14, CON 14, STR 8 Notes: Had a spirit bear animal companion that could ambiguously interact with the world around it. Portraits: (NSFW, Episode 5 Spoilers) Bartho Shett Player: Ken Daly Race: Dragon-born Class: Fighter Gender: Male Alignment: Good (But may not necessarily help people out) Status: Alive Known Stats: STR “High”, INT “Low”, CHA “Really Low” Notes: Rich douchbag. Expects everyone to do everything for him all the time. Comes from royalty, little spoiled shit head.