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  1. I think it's fairly disingenuous to feel indignant about being called out for 'too soon' comedy. When do we get to make fun of 9-11? When do we get to make fun of Newtown? When do we get to make fun of Matt's dead dad? Does the tragedy being in the news make it more acceptable for a random comedian to satirize than someone's private tragedy? Would it be ok if I made a podcast about things in your life? Would it feel different if it happened to you? Would you wonder why someone was riffing on your loss the next day? Honestly, would you wonder why someone was doing that? I think you would. I feel there is an argument against saying there is comedy that's"Too soon", but I don't think the arguement against it is "Well, you can't give the specific amount of time after when it's ok to talk about". That's an insane rebuttal. I'm not with the arguement that there are things comedians can't talk about. I think I'm upset about the set up that it's not OK to disagree with you. I think Gemberling's arguement of "You just like feeling offended" to the caller also applies to Matt's thinking on this. Why does the listener have to keep their mouth shut about scenes they don't like? What are these forums for, to constantly praise you? I can't tell you what you can talk about as a comedian, but you can tell the audience what to say about you? I have no issue with the episode in question. I've liked your work for a long. long time. I "get" what you do and what the mission of the episode was. I just think the complete dismissal of the caller having a real point, not just to you, but to comedians in general, was incredibly close-minded and I can't believe there's no part of you that doesn't slightly (even if juuuuust slightly) agree.
  2. Von's is a grocery chain in LA/Cali. Refering to a loyalty card. Did everyone look at the pics? Is that the first time Matt has not worn a jersey in studio? So nice!
  3. CoolSlacks

    Episode 194 — Me Gusta Characters!

    I was torn about doing something like, "I'm so tired of MEN doing characters on the show!" , etc.
  4. CoolSlacks

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Isn't being "whiny" or "annoying" the point of some of these characters? Obviously, these are smart comedians who are satirizing the thought processes or vocal patterns of sects of women who do in fact talk like Nancy or some of Lauren's characters. These women like making fun of or exploring simple minded characters. I found Nancy funny and Lauren's foriegn exchange student funny because I "get" what they are making fun of (I think. and I think we all do, right? We all love comedy) so I don't think not liking these character choices is emblematic of sexism, just not liking a bit, expecially when the "annoying" aspects are, you know, the point. Boy oh boy I love James Adomian but I can take about 5 minutes of his Paul Giamatti before I'm like, I get it, I get. I hated the Tom Leykis thing. I find his Huell Howser and Jesse Ventura and many more hilarious. I also love PFT to death, but I can also list of his bits I find annoying. Some things hit, some miss. This show is great because it lets all things happen. I'd like to think it's not because of sex but taste. I don't know how many people actually do buy into that "are women funny" talking point outside of the Hollywood bubble; it's not something middle america dwells on like people trying to make it in the industry. If it's funny, it's funny. But that's how I view it. If you're a naughty sexist, shame on you!
  5. CoolSlacks

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

  6. CoolSlacks

    Episode 105 — Chart Remix!

    Mr. Starr, You were thinking of the line barbeque stain on my white t-shirt/she was killing me in that mini-skirt from Something Like That by Tim McGraw. HTH, CoolSlacks
  7. CoolSlacks

    Episode 48 — Up Ass Wound

    Pamela's hysterical "I was trying!" killed me.
  8. Brian Huskey is 1000% right about this tea madness. It needs to end.
  9. shannon is also a super smart teacher. if you're thinking about taking a harold class 101 or 201, i strongly recommend her, if she's still teaching.
  10. First off, this show is just getting exponentially better with every episode. But a few favorites: -the scene where you're asking the school kids where they live. someone (I think it's Andy Daly in this scene?) claims he lives in a hat on the roof of a house. (can someone help me ID this one?) -Pubes on 3. the titular scene from that episode. -I Fixed It, again the titular scene. i think there was also a parent-teacher conference scene where only the number 1 exists. -from the Mustard Girl ep., i was a big fan of the karaoke scene at the end. Gron Jovi -i'm struggling to find it from Hiroshima orgies, but there's one with your wife Katie Dipold telling a story about playing True Colors and Billy Merritt plays a girl that is being expelled from a friendship circle. 27:32 -from Twirly Burrito, the parent-teacher conference scene insisting on screaming the word 'niggardly' i hope that was somewhat helpful and not exceedingly vague. there's a lot of solid stuff on this show, you could easily do a two hour best-of. i'll post more favorites as i remember. i'm sure as i think harder about it i'll remember more. keep it up Matt! edit: the Sprite dunk contest from Humanzee, starting at around 18:20. lennon parham is a fantastic improviser. been a fan of hers since i caught her doing Harold when i was a UCB student way back in 2005 edit 1000: from 'cyborgs', gemberling's children's party, around 13:00forgot about the Hawking house tour. that has to be in the best-of.