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    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Actually, Will Hines is a white man.
  2. are you more michael jordan or zack morris
  3. you guys gonna drink those DCs (Diet Cokes)?
  4. where do you get those wonderful toys
  5. Dear Nick Thune: What phone you rockin? Galaxy S4? Moto X? LG Optimus? Droid Maxx? Lumia 928?
  6. Dr_Balls

    Episode 4 — Adam Pally, Our Close Friend

    how do i get a girlfriend
  7. Best episodes were Parham/St, Claire/Mantzoukas, Adam McKay & Chris Gethard, and the Tebow Bonus episode; if someone listens to any of those three and doesn't immediately listen to the rest of the episodes then they're dead (to me and just in general).
  8. Episode 29 - Shawn Anthony and Duncan Ruffalo shoplift because private ownership of goods is bullshit and then buy the store