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    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    I'm having trouble finding examples online (the rental period's up so I can't double-check or do screengrabs), but weren't all the signs in Shadaloo written in English but in a Thai font style? Kind of illustrative of the issue with the strangely European inhabitants of this small Asian country.
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    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    My favorite image from the "good" brainwashing video: Albert Einstein. There was just a picture of Einstein. Yes, a context-less snapshot of an old man with cotton candy hair and a push-broom moustache soothes the savage beast.
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    North (1994)

    Bump. Y'know. For Roger.
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    Episode 59.5 — Minisode 59.5

    It's actually ironic you say this. The Anti-Christ character in the revolting Christian book series Left Behind was spawned using DNA from two gay men. A great blog called "Slacktivist" has been doing a nearly page-by-page breakdown of the entire series for the past decade, expounding on its awfulness both morally and as literature. There's twelve books. He's currently in book THREE. It's amazing. http://www.patheos.c...x-i-posts-1-50/
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    Episode 59.5 — Minisode 59.5

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2msIhcjomM Wish granted. I taped this episode of Step By Step as a kid and watched this scene over and over because I thought it was so cool. I know it so well, I can actually tell there's a fight with a henchman missing from this clip. They worked Sasha Mitchell's martial arts abilities into the show on occasion, but this was obviously the most gratuitous example.
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    Episode 59.5 — Minisode 59.5

    "SAY IIIIIIIIIT!!!!!" As a former HUGE Van Damme fanboy (Vanboy?), this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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    Episode 59 — Spice World

    I think Paul would be Baby Spice because he has the most adorable smile.
  9. JustinL

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    Okay, I'm back. I agree with most of the people here and with June. I was checking my watch a lot, but I did get some occasional genuine laughs and I found the girls for the most part charming. I did think it was strange to open a movie for (I'm guessing) mostly pre-teen girls with a scene where their pregnant friend says her boyfriend abandoned her and their reaction is basically "Aw, dude! What a total douche! Well, don't worry. We'll hang out later." Then there was the line when they were going to the hospital about keeping her legs closed and Mel B says "She should have thought of that 9 months ago!" (or non moonths agaw) The cameos were fun. Did anyone catch the moment when Roger Moore was shaking up a vodka martini while saying into the phone "There's no need for any stirring"? Oh, well played, Spice World. Also, are there any non-fans of the Spice Girls who found themselves singing along? And I don't just mean to "Wannabe." I found myself able to sing almost word for word no less than five songs in this movie and I have no idea how that's possible. Edit: Whoever pointed out that there was no love interests for any of the girls made a great point. I also hate when that crap is tacked on to stories, and in retrospect, I give this movie a lot of credit for doing that. Not even so much as an infatuated stage hand.
  10. JustinL

    Episode 59 — Spice World

    I have not listened to this episode yet because after two weeks I could not find a single copy of it anywhere to rent, to buy or to lend. This was the first episode in months I haven't listened to immediately upon its 1 a.m. release. I broke down today and bought a used copy at Amoeba Music for $8. That's what the experience of this show means to me, apparently. Saturday night: I'm at home about to watch Spice World so I can then immediately listen to a podcast about Spice World. More later.
  11. This is a little self-indulgent because Alkaline Trio is my favorite-est band in the whole wide world, but lead singer Matt Skiba coincidentally just did an interview for the AV Club's "Hatesong" column about why he despises "Two Princes." http://www.avclub.co...s-two-pr,96057/
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    Viva Knievel! (1977)

    RiffTrax has it covered. Just released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k24GRpyF20E http://www.rifftrax....od/viva-knievel
  13. This one was a little easier. Only 34 five-star reviews. Five-Star Reviews of Season of the Witch NEARLY PERFECT..., July 30, 2011 By G. Bowman Jr. "GBJ" (Greater Washington DC Metro Area) That perfect Fantasy, Horror bewitching movie has yet to be made however, "SEASON OF THE WITCH" is surprising drama, thrilling and almost suspenseful. "Nicolas Cage" adds enough seriousness to his role to sell the idea of curiosity; "Where is this film going?," while keeping the balance between a Disney flick, and something possibly more serious. "Ron Perlman" delivers as Cage's character's faithful friend, and fellow warrior. Director "Dominic Sena" was merely a couple of hairs away from actually making a scary, suspenseful and memorable Fantasy/Horror film. But since no one else has yet, I'll settle for a nearly perfect "SEASON OF THE WITCH"... ---GBJ fun, uncheesy, March 4, 2012 By .fgd (usa) A good blend of realism and fantasy as demonology versus the sadism of the catholicc church in medaevel times (quite real under the inquisition) and strange to admit since 9/11 Christian jihad during the crusades. I love this fantasy supposition that the plague was called down by witches angered by persecution and resurrected by a book of incantation neither originated by exorcists or witches and a nice action movie to boot. Nicholas Cage is well cast although unintentionally humorous in an unshaven hay-seed way with yet a chewy moral voice. A lot of fun and colorfully serious. Season of the witch, August 1, 2011 By pigpen It was a great movie movie and just what I needed to see at this time, I needed a good laugh and it was interesting to boot. Great movie. Excellent , Fun, PG-13 Movie, July 2, 2011 By TrailsEndWild "Writer/Researcher" (Eastern Woodlands, USA) Too many reviewers are taking themselves too seriously and then getting mad about this film. Unlike most of the reviewers, this film does not take itself too seriously. Hey, it's PG-13!!! It's perfect for FAMILY FUN entertainment. If you are looking for some scary, bloody, vulgar, horror-laden, "witch movie" look elsewhere. This film is fun in the same style that Indiana Jones can be fun (and way better than the last Indy film, BTW). Sure the dialogue is choked-full of one liners (some funny, others not so much) but this film isn't striving to be an epic tale of witch trials, the inquisition and the crusades! Come on people, it's only 95 minutes long...what do you expect? I can recommend this for a fun, popcorn-munching evening. High cinema it is not. However, I suggest you bundle your young ones under the blankets, turn down the lights, and enjoy this movie. Recommended! HONORABLE MENTIONS "Five Star Review?" Award: Cast is good but ok movie., August 18, 2011 By Terri (Arkansas) I like Nicolas Cage but the movie was good not great. He is good in every other movie but this movie was the movie I liked least of his. "Weirdest Occupation-Inspired Opinion" Award: A TIE! Much better than I expected, July 5, 2011 By dee_jay_a I was surprised how clean it was; No sex, no nudity, hardly any language. Most movies now days are packed with that sort of thing, in order to cover up a lack of a plot. Maybe that's why so many people said the plot was poorly developed. The only thing that some people might find disturbing, is that the film is very detailed when it comes to the black plague; personally, I'm in the medical field, so that sort of thing doesn't bother me as much as it would some people. "That book has caused me untold trouble through the ages", August 27, 2011 By Richard Staats (McLean, VA USA) If you want a heartfelt treatise that examines the nobler and gentler side of demons and devil worship, plagues and pestilence then there is nothing here for you. Put your Athame up, and cast your maledictions elsewhere. The banter between Felson and Behmen is extremely well-done. As a combat veteran, I could imagine brothers in arms saying the quips that the two made, e.g., "not bad for a dungeon," "forget the souls, I'll take some chicken," etc. All in all, it would be an excellent addition to any B-grade film fan's library. In service, Rich
  14. JustinL

    Episode 58.5 - Minisode 58.5

    I never thought the day would come that I'd be furious I couldn't find a copy of Spice World.
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  16. Wow. So far this was the most dispiriting one to do. So many of these reviews sound completely twisted if read a certain way. Maryann's mother sounds like she's enduring a punishment thought up by Dante. Five-Star Amazon Reviews of Old Dogs funny movie - old dogs, July 15, 2010 By Tara L. Belcher "TLBel" (Jeffersonville, Indiana United States) the movie takes a few minutes to take off....but it is well worth the wait. Memories, April 19, 2010 By Tirzah Beattie We had seen the movie Wild Hogs and were told we needed to see this one At first we were not sure because of the title But it was great We all laughed and remembered things when we were younger Thanks funny, September 24, 2012 By dish This movie is so funny. I was having surgery and needed to be quite in the room and all I could do is laugh!! Rotti, January 5, 2011 By Maryann Hood "Rotti lover" (Buffalo,NY USA) Ordered this movie for my mom. She loves it and sits and watches it over and over and can never laugh enough. The movie arrived in excellent shape. DVD Old Dogs, March 24, 2011 By Joanne K "Shirl" If you want a good laugh - this is the movie to watch. I loved it so much in the theater that i wanted a copy to watch when I'm in the mood. Movie goer, September 6, 2012 By james TRAVOLTA AND WILLIAMS AT THIER BEST. GREAT STORY LINE. GREAT CASTING. BACKGROUND AND YOUNG KIDS MADE THE MOVIE SO ENJOYABLE. Very funny, March 27, 2010 By L. Muccilli "Hairwizard46" (Prescott Valley, Az) Lately, John Travolta--last 3 yrs or so, has bombed in the theater so i wasnt expecting very much when my husband rented this movie--i was greatly and pleasantly surprised at the great lines of humor in this movie-Non stop action and humor all through this movie. The movie had a great cast and they interacted well with each other. Im not much of a comedy movie watcher as so few movies are funny but this was really great comedy. I dont agree with the comment that the scene with Seth Green was child oriented humor--hey, we are all children at heart and this interaction between the gorilla and Seth Green was hilarious. I guess it depends on what type of humor you enjoy as there are all sorts of diff types of humor. Also, i know it took a lot of courage and strength for John Travolta, who lost his only son Jett, to a terrible accident, and was beside himself with grief as were all parents who have lost a child. To do this movie, especially when it envolved children, had to be really hard on him. Interestingly enough, Travoltas daughter and wife--in real life-- starred in this movie. John, you were great in this movie as well as your wife, and daughter. Bless your heart. Old Dogs, July 19, 2010 By D. Johnson "Movie Mogal" (New Mexico) Was a good movie, but not a good as all the hype. HONORABLE MENTIONS "On a Scale From 1 to Bigfoot" Award: A gem if you can handle gut busting humor, March 30, 2010 By Calinae (North of Denver) I think that if you liked Harry and the Hendersens and Wild Hogs, you will enjoy this movie with the same kind of laughable abandon. Don't think too hard about this one, just chill and let the laughter roll. "Disgustingly Funny" Award: You have to be a certain age to appreciate, March 7, 2010 By H. Bilyk "Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist" (Chicago) For those of us in the "old dog" age group it is laugh out load funny. "I Took One Half of One Sentence of Your Review" Award: A wonderful movie, May 3, 2010 By Amy B. Sayers "Amy in Florida" (Orlando, Florida) I first saw this on a plane and had to rush out...
  17. I didn't really notice the whole people being in trees thing, but I did notice something similar. In the first fight Statham and Perlman have with the Krugs in the barn, Statham jumps up to fight a Krug in the hayloft. They're in the process of burning down the barn. What the hell was he doing up there?
  18. My big thing in this one was a very brief moment in the battlefield where about a dozen or so ninjas jump into the scene, stand in a straight line, then proceed to basically do a choreographed dance where they all simultaneously perform the same exact moves, and those moves somehow perfectly correspond to each of their individual fights.
  19. JustinL

    Predator 2 (1990)

    Ah-ah. Downtown LA in the distant chaotic future of 1997.
  20. JustinL

    Predator 2 (1990)

    With this film, Bill Paxton took his place in a third major sci-fi franchise following Aliens and Terminator. And when's that crossover gonna disappoint us, already?
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    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    Sleepaway Camp idea: It should be June's face on the girlboy, carrying Paul's decapitated head, and a hairy bush with Jason's face.
  22. To Jason's point: Kelly and Rikku (Final Fantasy X-2)
  23. There were lots of things I thought would pay off later, but never did. For instance, I thought the girls' luggage would be stolen after they gleefully left it unattended in the back of their pickup on a crowded street. Also, did anyone else think Carlos was going to turn out to be gay? He seems so reticent to acknowledge the black girl at first, then starts to say something like "I'm not the kind of guy who..." and then his boss interrupts him before he can finish. I thought we were headed for some big reveal. So much of this baffles me the more I think of it. The white rapper douchebag at one point boasts how he doesn't know what it feels like to be turned down...when he's been turned down by literally every woman he's approached the whole movie. And how the hell does the BR&J business model work? They just seem to show up places, declare there's a party by fiat, and then collect admission. Did they rent these spaces and build the various stages themselves? June pointed out how they seem to have $1,000 to give away, but after the events he's always going "Hell, yeah! I made 350 bucks!"