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    The Number 23 (2007)

    An integer and a prime number?! Holy shit, RUN!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ElUBr6-GLU This is my 32nd post. Reverse 32 and what do you get? 23!!!
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    Episode 56.5 — Minisode 56.5

    Don't you patronize me, Paul.* With the audio montage and excessive mention of me, this might be in my top favorite episodes (let alone minisodes). I knew I'd have to see From Me to Kelly someday. I didn't know why, I just knew it was only a matter of time. Same goes for White Chicks, Little Man, Norbit, Delgo and 54. *Kisses.
  3. Only 27 five-star reviews? Can o’ corn. I thought the one by “Mevashir” could be a joke, so I clicked “See all my reviews.” I’ve come to the conclusion that this person is quite possibly literally insane. All About Steve is the only movie he’s ever reviewed. All the others were books either about global economies, metaphysics or religion that consisted of long numbered lists of points and full letters he had already written to the authors. One contained a letter to an author within a letter to another author. The only exception was a one-star review of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie which he slams for being “anti-Christian” and “anti-Biblical” for its “evil subliminal message” that if you help people they will just take advantage of you. He gave a bad review to a book about the murder of Dr. George Tiller because it was too critical of the murderer’s motivations for what is a “complex moral issue.” Regardless, he claims to be a “peaceifist” who hates capitalism and recently is starting to turn around on the whole hating gays thing. And did I mention he’s also a 9-11 Truther? Five-Star Amazon Reviews of All About Steve Quirky Comedy with a Story, May 7, 2012 By Joseph M. Canon "Phoenix" (North Hollywood, CA) I didn't know what to expect, because I heard this didn't do so well at the box-office, but I love all of Sandra Bullock's films, so I thought I'd take a gander. So glad I did! This was really a tremendous movie. Very unique and original story, unique characters, and lots of laughs, with a decent plot and storyline too. As good or better than Sandra Bullock's best movies. Tremendous supporting cast. Dialogue that "sparkles" and "entertains" and a story that is "solvable". Five stars for sure. A True Sleeper! Do NOT miss this movie!!, July 5, 2010 By S. Broumley (Sequim, WA USA) This movie was laugh-out-loud funny punctuated with tear jerker moments that had me reaching for the tissue box. Sandra Bullock is such a lovable nerd!! AMAZINGLY FUNNY AND CHARMING FILM, September 24, 2012 By Mevashir (Denver, CO) This film should have received an Academy Award nomination. Perhaps the only reason it did not is that it would be hard to categorize it as either a comedy or a serious film. The acting was good, the plot engrossing, and it contained much profundity. I laughed and cried. It is a simple story but very profound and moving. Sandra Bullock hits it out of the park. But few will recognize her talent here because it is not full of mindless TITillation and other trite and banal themes. If you want to be stirred in your spirit, watch this film. It will charm you and change you ... for the better. Sparkling comedy, February 5, 2011 By Alijazz Sandra Bullock is excellent as the beautiful, mystified crossword puzzle writer, who cannot puzzle out anything else about life, or love. Considering some of the other reviews, I was expecting to be disappointed, but my husband and I laughed out loud all the way through at the physical comedy and jokes. It's a very quirky film, in a very good way - satirising pretty much the whole modern world, from the sensation-seeking press to the New Age Movement. As someone with a child with learning disabilities I was very pleased to see Hollywood making such an elegant statement about equality and acceptance via this very original film. My family felt it to be definitely worth the money, and definitely worth our time. Great!, February 24, 2010 By E. Frye "lover of the arts" (Texas) I loved the idea of a female heroine that ended up without the man. Most movies like this end of in the "happily ever after" stage where they get together. But this one showed a different side and I loved it. I thought Sandra Bullock did a great job in this role. Her character was a bit hard to believe but at the same time most women don't follow the man around the country. They just wait until he comes back to make their life "All About (insert male name)". I loved the odd people that were also in the movie that made it just that much more better. They made the movie seem as if it could happen to anyone and that these people were ones that I could run into on the street. Loved it! Not a bad movie!, March 24, 2010 By Kevin Killian (San Francisco, CA United States) I'll never forget that I wanted to celebrate the first semester of grad school, so we went to the movies to see Sandra Bullock in All About Steve in September. When we entered the theater, we were puzzled since we were the only ones there, and when the lights went down we each took a different row just like you might on an unexpectedly empty plane during a night flight. The movie began with just the two of us, and we weren't even bored yet, when the film ground to a halt, literally. The screen went dark, the lights went up in the house, and an official of the movie chain approached us in our rows. Apologetically he said that the showing had been cancelled due to poor attendance and that we would be getting our money back. "When's the next showing?" asked my wife. "There won't be any more," he said apologetically. "But it just opened on Friday." (This was Sunday afternoon.) "We won't be showing it again," said the manager. "Starting at 7:00 p/m we're bringing back Star Trek." "We saw that," we objected. But as it turned out we saw it a second time, and it was fine. We saw a lot of things in the movie we'd missed first time around. Nevertheless we were wondering whatever happened to Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) after she schlepped to Oklahoma to follow the CCN team covering the little girl with three legs. So it was great when the DVD came out, and we could watch the rest of the show. Not a bad movie! HONORABLE MENTIONS "FAIR ENOUGH" Award: I LOVED this story...., June 17, 2012 By dSavannah George-Jones (rural Arkansas) The only thing I didn't like was Sandy's haircut & color: this character would not have highlighted, fixed hair. She just wouldn't care. "WAIT...WHAT?" Award: All About Obsession, March 23, 2012 By Ivy Bewley "Hiedra" (Hamburg, PA) Personally I thought there was a lot of intelligence and a good message packed into a seemingly ordinary movie. "MOST AROUSING REVIEW" Award: All About Sandra's Tallent...., September 30, 2011 By GregO This is a charming and extremely entertaining movie, warm funny and quirky. Sandra Bullock nailed her character explicitly. Mary Horowitz is a tender-hearted square-peg in life's harsh round-hole; an attractive, intelligent, loveable doofus.
  4. JustinL

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    I just found an interview with Dan Aykroyd online that's apparently from an issue of Starlog that came out just before the movie was released. Lots of great (read: kind of sad) ironic statements. There's more about the experience he had which inspired the film and interestingly, the giant baby men are referred to as "mutants" and are based on real people. Yes, you read that right. He also talks about the challenges of opening a film against Twins. http://www.oocities.org/hollywood/lot/2976/starlog.html
  5. JustinL

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    Also, I'm surprised no one caught the eponymous line in the movie. When Demi Moore is having her bipolar makeout session with Chevy Chase, she says something about always choosing the wrong guy and then breaks away from Chevy and goes to bed saying "You're nothing but trouble!" So the title isn't referring to psychopaths and deathtraps, but to the financial publisher who lends someone his car. The scamp!
  6. JustinL

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    The heavy metal song playing on the roller coaster was written for the movie. It's called "Mr. Bonestripper" by Damn Yankees. Also, the video for "Same Song" by Digital Underground was a tie-in to the movie and featured Dan Akroyd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1iwYcC_GTY
  7. Two words: Holy Water. My favorite single shot in the movie has to be Pacino's goofy smiling take to the camera right before dipping his finger in the basin of holy water. The camera whose point-of-view was supposed to be from, what, the cherubim painted on the wall of the church? Thank you for making me watch this again. Funny thing about Keanu's sister being consistently unidentifiable: when I originally saw this in the theater and she appeared in the final scene, I didn't even realize she was supposed to be someone we'd met before. I only caught that this time.
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    What the Hell are They Singing?

    Gonna have a good time Celebrate some failure Not just be a hater Cause you know you wonder "How did this get made?" Let's wallow in the mediocrity of sub-par art
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    It's Pat

    You forgot to mention Ween. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRY_t6GEOB4
  10. I cry at everything. I bawled in Kung Fu Panda 2. This movie couldn't squeeze a single tear out of me. It never invites you in. It yells at you to feel something for its characters and it's completely unjustified. Also, they wanted him to have a sense of humor like Uncle Bubbles, but other than one "Why'd the chicken cross the road?" joke he only ever had that sense of humor with Uncle Bubbles. I'll say one positive thing: I genuinely liked the "Lowrider" scene. I hated that it was just brushed aside in the podcast. While the setup was ridiculous, that was the only time in the film I thought the parents actually went, "Yeah, you know what? I'm an asshole. Fuck me. BUP-BUP-BUP-BUP BUP BUP BUP! BUP-BUP-BUP BUP BUP!"
  11. JustinL

    Episode 53.5 — Minisode 53.5

    My problem is that Timothy's very existence was meaningless and cruel. Ultimately, his only accomplishment is inspiring the pencil that saves the town, an act which he tells them at the end they didn't need him for. So really his major contributions are losing a soccer game, getting his mother fired, facilitating petty rivalries with family members, and killing his great-uncle. To Eric's point, he seems to be good for Joni, but we never see how or why. We either see no positive influence or no explanation for his positive influence. Also, he knows from the beginning that he's going to be with these people for a brief time and then leave.* So all we see is a boy who makes people love him, does nothing for them, and then abandons them knowing full well from the start that's what he was going to do. Whatever magic force that sent him has the ability to instantly grow a human/plant hybrid lifeform from a box full of paper using a spontaneous and pinpoint accurate rainstorm...but can't just whisper "Hey! Make a pencil out of leaves." * Pun.
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    ELO + OJN - Xanadu

    Don Bluth animation?! How did I never know about this?!
  13. JustinL

    Second Opinion: ALL ABOUT STEVE

    By chance, I discovered that Kevin Killian (Star Trek guy) also did a 5-star review of Burlesque that was equally bizarre and focused on the wrong thing.
  14. JustinL

    Episode 53.5 — Minisode 53.5

    This seems to be a recurring theme in Jennifer Garner roles. In Juno, I always wondered why she was still allowed to take the baby considering she was a recently divorced single mother who works full time.
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    Viva Knievel!

    Proops on Knievel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUKO2E9Aiz8
  16. Had to check many a reviewer's history for sincerity. Some of them I'm still not so sure about. I could best describe TheLyingThief as "sarcastically sincere." Never have I spent so much valuable time scanning page after page of reviews asking "Who...IS this person?" Five-Star Amazon Reviews of Battlefield Earth Brilliant Family Entertainment, October 16, 2001 By A Customer As a movie, it was and is the most insightful human drama since Waterworld and I am personally shocked that anyone would not see it as the classic it truely is. I Think Ronald wrote a good story True Sci Fi, January 28, 2001 By Kevin Wilson (La Canada-Flintridge, CA) Different from your run of the mill movies in almost all aspects, this movie makes a point: any oppression can be toppled with knowledge and intelligence. Great acting, filming and directing. Pay attention and you won't be let down. I especially liked the added scenes to the DVD that were not in the original movie. I highly recommend the book by the same title. It is the best sci fi book, no, actually it's the best book I've ever read. You just can't put it down!! Was AWSOME! Some parts were not realistic...., January 2, 2001 By Ray Michaels (Hawaii, Maui) The movie itself was great.... I like the story to it. It was not like most sci-fi's whith aliens attacking earth in the presant day and humans win. Instead, the movie takes place after aliens attack earth and win the battle betwen themselves(aliens) and humans. I also liked seeing travolta playing in a sci-fi film. The only thing I did not like was how they learned to fly F-15 jets in a matter of days. That was just unrealistic. Other than that, great movie, awsome special effects. One Great Movie!, February 5, 2011 By Ron Tyler Battlefield Earth: Great Title! Starring John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Barry Pepper, and Kim Coate: Great portrayals! Cinematography: Great Job! Fantastic lighting and effects! Directing: Great dialog and scenes! Music: Impressive! Sequel? You bet! Oh, did we happen to mention the Movie Genre? ** Science Fiction, FANTASY ** For people with imaginations! "It's only a movie, or is it?" LOL! Thanks! John ... This is a great movie! Think about what is happening now!, August 7, 2009 By Patrick Bailey "PADRAK" (CA) It doesn't have to be aliens or ETs that shut you out of your world and take over. It just could be the international bankers, the private FED, and the corrupt US Federal Gov. Why do you think that they spend so much money to get elected? How are they going to pay back their "friends" that donated those funds? Where do you think that money comes from? That's right! - From you! Watch this movie again with this perspective in mind, and you will see a whole new world! Yours! Then go see this 5 minute wonderful clip from the movie "V For Vendetta"... "V's Message for the U.S.A" The CInematic Event of the Century, May 8, 2002 By jason (Moreno Valley, CA United States) I can't tell you how much I loved this movie. John Travolta and Forest Whitaker are walking gods on the face of this planet. This movie had everything: men eating rats, men's heads exploding, men falling off of cliffs because the aliens thought they could fly, and Barry Pepper falling through 10 layers of glass. This movie changed my life. It was cinematic gold. I can't believe this movie wasn't the biggest box office success ever. I must have seen this movie at least 5 times in the theaters and I was almost the only one there. I am forever a John Travolta fan and anything he makes is pure genius. Kelly Preston had the longest tongue I have ever seen and it was delicious. Instead of "American Beauty" winning all of those Academy Awards, this movie should have won it all. John Travolta delivered the performance of his life. Forest Whitaker was a comic genius. The new human revolution has begun with this monumental motion picture event. the best movie ever made, January 7, 2006 By TheLyingThief (seattle, Wa United States) there are two kinds of movie critics: those that think the color purple and roots and schindler's list to be the wildest intellectual achievements of the ages; and those that refuse to think at all. movies, mostly, if they are at all honest, are less driven to educate than to entertain. entertainment does not require thinking. so a film is not a work of art in search of a critic; it is a pastime in search of an audience. true enough, battlefield is not polished, sexy, stimulating, or sensational. thank god. because all those films that are sexy, polished, stimulating or sensational are very quickly boring, because the sex is dry, the polish caked on, the stimulation shallow, and the sensation ephemeral. so, if you want a piece of amusing tripe; do not need to validate your limited intelligence with pseudo-intellectual clap-trap; and would like to put yourself to bed without tossing around to get another peek, this is it. quite frankly, along with about 1 million other examples of equal rank and achievement, the greatest film ever made. I like bad movies, November 25, 2002 By Peter Panagakos (Philadelphia, PA) This movie was made in Montreal so that explains why it wasn't any good. Travolta is an ego muncher. HONORABLE MENTIONS "PLEASE DON'T" Award: A fun, action-filled movie worth every second of your time, September 8, 2004 By Jean-Luc (Canada wants NOWHERE MAN on DVD!!!) Man do I love this movie. Or should I say, man ANIMAL do I love this movie. Heh. "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" Award: A classic packed with extras, January 5, 2001 By ZZ Morgan (California) Everybody should buy this movie. It is going to be talked about for years to come. Hey, do you want to be the one to tell your grandkids that you passed up a chance to own this gem? Come on! "MANTZOUKAPHONICS" Award: A lot of fun, February 7, 2001 By NonFictionFan "craig01" (Clearwater, FL USA) I like a straight-ahead Sci-Fi action movie, but this one is completely over-the-top, with larger-than-life (literally) villains and a hero fighting against hopelessly impossible odds.
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    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    Awesome. I thought the meat grinder looked like one of those old crank movie cameras.
  18. Almost considered not doing this one since it's one of the "good" movies. Pretty much all the reviews liked the film for the same reasons we did. However, some people have a way with words. 5-Star Amazon Reviews of Drive Angry This Was Good!!!, June 1, 2011 By Swilli "Swilli" (NY USA) This movie was AWESOME!!! If you like terratino movies you will like this.. In 3D this movie was a blast.. I can see alot of people not liking this movie, This is just like a Quintin movie in the fact the way it was shot, the motions of the camara, This is the way the movie was ment to be if anyone reads the back of the dvd case, so if you dont like terratino movies, dont get this and give it a 1, thats a waist!!! Im not pointing out the bad points that i didnt like, because people are so differnt, and will like the points i dont, but there is one spot in this movie i loved, i thought it was funny because this is a MOVIE,,, ENTERTAINMENT if anyone can understand what that is!!!! Tell you the one spot,,,, Millton goes to a hotel room with this girl, they start to whooom whoooom,, LOL, While they are ""whoommen"" Guys come to Kill Millton, and he starts shooting the people WHILE he is ""Whooom whooomin"", What a kick i got out of that in 3D it was really good!! so if anyone likes quintin movies GET THIS BLAST!!! total kick ass flick, really suprised, February 7, 2012 By balance whats not to luv, hott naked chicks, sex, tons of violence, blood, and bad ass classic hot-rod cars. If your one of them everything needs to make sense, Hollywood blockbuster SELLOUT movie geeeeek fans, then go away... If your a fan of B action, beer and chips type movies this is for you.. A genre all its own, July 1, 2011 By MovieGuy If you are looking for an Oscar winning movie, this is not it. Do not buy this movie if you are looking for a wholesome movie. If you are looking for an action packed movie with car chases, shootouts, blood, guts, sex, nudity, and everyone in the movie has a middle finger attitude; then this is the movie for you. I think the people that rated this movie low were thinking it said Drive Happy or Driving Miss Daisy 2. The movie also great special effects and very good detail in all the scenes. Amber Heard In Shorts, December 13, 2012 By Sexy Bachelor (Singapore) Amber Heard. Amber Heard is the only reason why I watched this movie. I don't remember anything else or anyone else except actress Amber Heard, gorgeous AMBER HEARD ~! She sure looks good in shorts! ;-P The plot of this movie is sustainable, everything ended rather well. OK, whatever! All I can think of is Amber Heard! ;-P "DRIVE ANGRY" IS SURE TO PLEASE ), December 14, 2011 By Matthew R. Williams i hate to coin a phrase but, This movie is a "must have" for all of you Nick Cage fans out there. The storyline is creative and, in some twisted way, plausable and inspiring. We all wish we could be the super-hero-anti-villain character (portrayed by Cage)with the roots of our checkered past serving as the foundation for our ruthlessness, all the while being inspired to protect the innocent by reflecting on the loss of our own. The acting, the directing AND the storyline are all top notch !! Paradise Regained, August 21, 2011 By Santeria "Son of Tazz" (Tallahassee) This is a fun film where the morals are very highly delineated, and the sense of purpose is very clear. As one amazing morality play, it fits perfectly in a corrupt world, and in a world where film makers are made to adhere to an arbitrary code, Lussier and Cage, collaborate to make a film of mythic proportions. For those stuck on issues about the F bomb, please note that Milton never swears once during the entire film. He has a pure sense of purpose with a not so pure method ( now where in real life have we heard those points before ???? :-)... mmm, well, just about every war in at least the last 20 years). The film is made to entertain however, the modern films are the worlds mythology. This realm is where in one scene Milton promises to drink out of Frank's skull, and achieves that in the end scenes. The sense of dramatic come-uppance that the bad guys get is very tangible, as is the surreal way it is delivered. After all, this is not reality, this is escapism. Watch this film without some preconceptions, and you might see the massive mythic component, and one has to do with the sacrifice of the baby ... check out what satan's minions ( Milton and the accountant) have to say about the Cult's viewpoint. But as Lussier says in the commentary, you make up your mind. Drive Angry......, September 23, 2011 By blackaciddevil (in the USA somewhere.....) The last two or three movies that Cage has starred in (save Season of the Witch) have been pretty boring to me. My first thought was "Great...another Nic Cage car movie. Woopdidoo". Man, was I surprised when I popped this into my DVD player and watched it. BONUS CLIPPINGS Well, that excludes my Progeria-ridden infant. Oh, do you? Well then go fuck yourself.
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    Undefeatable (1993)

    "You're tearing me apart, Anna!"
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    Second Opinion: LAST AIRBENDER

    BONUS CLIPPINGS Pfft! Duh! Everyone knows there's no Asians in outer space! I'm sure M. Night appreciates your larceny. So you typed "Shyamalan," but couldn't muster up the effort to finish "Night"? Holy FUCK! Would it EVAR!!!!1!!11!! BONUS AWARD: I think I'll call it the "Glenn Beck?" Award. I felt this might deserve to be printed in its entirety to illustrate the depths of insanity I witnessed. The whole thing's bananas, but my favorite part has to be the first two words of the review. Loved it. Surprisingly good - after all of the hate directed at it., January 14, 2011 By jarredbyitall (Davison, MI United States) In brief: This is a deeply moving, spiritual fantasy film that differs in some ways from the cartoon series on which it's based. Understand going in that it's a condensed version of 20 episodes and, as such, there were changes to be made. Any rational person could see that would be necessary. Even the creators of this series, who mixed both Western and Eastern story-telling elements, knew and approved of these changes. Many of these changes are for the better and deepen the flow, reality and, ultimately, the heart of the film. If you re-watch the first season you can see where M. Night took the heart of the episodes and crafted an even better and emotion-filled core and ending for this series. Many of those who rallied against this film fall into one major category - obsessed fan-boys with no sense of perspective. They are a heartless bunch. Many of them even got tied up in the race of the characters - characters voiced by white actors in the cartoon, a cartoon which was created by two white dudes, and animated in style that mixes both Eastern and Western animation styles. This is a fantasy world people! And even so, M. Night took the most inclusive approach possible and said, hey let's show as many races as we can - we can have Asians, Whites, Blacks and Indians in this fantasy world. But no. The fanboys got offended and started an internet-based political movement against this film: the so-called race-bending controversy. In doing so, these fanboys became the very thing they accused the filmmakers being: flat-out racists. Racism is when you don't accept someone for the color of their skin. They couldn't accept Indian firebenders or white waterbenders. Who are the real racists here? All told, they've shown themselves to be as a whole a group of heartless, nit-picking navel-gazers, lacking the souls necessary to really appreciate this great film. They've flooded the internet with hate. They won't stop. Even now, months after the film's release, they post on message-boards (and here on Amazon) just to tell you how much they hate it. Who does that? They don't want to see a sequel - by any means necessary. I for one want a sequel - badly. The film made over $315 million world-wide. Apparently, I'm not the only one who wants a sequel. I love the show and I love this movie. Both have a place in my heart. I guess I root for the underdog and when so many critics rag on a film you have to take a step back and wonder what's really going on. This film made over $315 million worldwide, so there's hope for a sequel. I for one don't really get all of the hate. What film did the critics see? It seems to me like there was a studio-driven campaign against this movie to fail. Maybe one lead by FOX who put out the other Avatar in name? There was a massive media blitz against this film. Can you think of any other film with so much hate directed against it? Think about that for a moment. Can you? All of the so-called super-fans of the TV show need to relax. There is no way that they could show all of the countless characters and locations that are in season one in one movie. Think of all the stuff that gets cut of of a Harry Potter novel for just one film - 2 films for one book doesn't make it twice as good. Realistically, how many movies should they have made just about season one? Even if you did two for season one, you'd have no story arc. It wouldn't have been as satisfying. The movie and main character had a great emotional arc, in my opinion. This was also a more thoughtful film than critics would have you believe. I bought it on DVD. I have all of the Avatar Season Box sets as well. Changes were made for the sake of a movie, but overall it was an enjoyable ride. Don't listen to the critics. Judge for yourself. Stop the hate. Noah Ringer is Aang. Shaun Toub was amazing as Uncle Iroh. Devel Patel was terrific as Zuko. The special effects were great. The score was beautiful. The story had great emotion and moved me. M. Night did a great job. Bring on Books Two and Three.
  21. You'd think M. Night Shyamalan Apologetics was a college course the way so many people decided to write five paragraph dissertations using the exact same arguments. I've spared you some of the more extraneous passages. Five-Star Amazon Reviews of The Last Airbender No expectations., November 27, 2010 By Steve Flynn "Steve" (Sussex County, NJ) I purchased the DVD without any expectations and wasn't disappointed. Not knowing anything about the series helped. It was an enjoyable fantasy escape; after all that is why I watch movies, to escape not to rip them apart. It wasn't the best acting and the dialog wasn't the most natural but it made me forget the real world for a while. At 65 there is a lot to forget. Feel Good Movie, December 19, 2012 By Teresa Clough (Joseph, Oregon) I like this movie sure there are things thats could be better but is that not true with all things in life. Great story line, and i really enjoyed it. The story keep me wanting to see what the ending would be. Im all for a happy ending in a movie makes for a good feeling of peace. Will be seeing it again! (Saw it again), July 8, 2010 By Michael A. Cole I gave this film five stars because when I held the mouse cursor over the stars, the fifth one said "I love it". I loved this movie, not just like it, I loved it. I have NEVER gone back to see a movie again and this will be the first time I have ever gone back to a theater for the same movie again. I am shocked and I mean really shocked to hear this film being the worst film of the year (some say of all time). Heck, I'd give a movie that is nothing more than a bunch of idiots kicking each other's genitals 3 stars just for the fact it made me laugh until I passed out. I can't sit there and think the whole time about what I would have done differently. If one can, then they didn't go there to watch a movie. I guess I rate movies on how they make me feel and not how fake the shark looked or how I already knew Bruce Willis was dead. How I feel about a movie might be as follows: Did I fall asleep? Did I start wondering what's for dinner? Or Hey, it was alright I guess. Or I'd go see it again. And then there's... I'm gonna' get it on DVD! Most under-rated (and berated) film of the year...., November 8, 2011 By Davide Bianchini "Rising Suns" (Saint Louis, MO) This movie has a lot of heart, and a mystical beauty that does not seem to be valued by most people today. The earnestness of the young actors also really helped convey a sense of innocence and purity, which is so lacking in Hollywood today (even though the acting itself was not Oscar quality). Critics seem to like movies that show us the dirt of humanity (think District 9). But most people go to the movies to be lifted up, not to see more of what we already see in the world. Critics also seem to like movies with characters who are overtly emotional and conflicted. This movie was less about showing the complicated drama of human nature, as it was about an epic story between good and evil. In this sense, the movie was extremely far-sighted. One has to be far sighted to appreciate it. More significance than is being given credit for in this movie., December 16, 2010 By J. Munyon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" wasn't all that well received in America; or at least not as well as it was in Eastern geography locations. Asian's tend to have a better understanding for and tolerance of the spiritual mysticisms of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as possessing an appreciation and respect for the difference between the disciplines of Sifu Kisu martial arts, as well as respect for Asian mythology, and Asian artistic expression. Americanization of North American people is only now becoming able to reverberate back from the intolerance of such diversity because of what happened at Pearl Harbor on December 7 of 1941. It will take just as much time before those born and raised in America before September 11, 2001 can be softened enough from what happened to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City; before Middle Eastern religions or disciplines can become more easily accepted by the majority in North America. I am fairly certain if you're steeped in staunch upbringing based upon Protestantism or Catholicism, you're not going to think much of this movie. The order I have listed the elements in this review escaped your notice altogether because you have little capacity for understanding anything not taught within the four walls of your local church. On the other hand if you have an open mind and an understanding that English isn't the only language spoken on the face of the planet, you will probably be able to appreciate there being a deeper significance to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" than simple entertainment - therefore you won't be as critical about surface details such as writing; plot; a flying buffalo; or acting. For those who look forward to future viewing of the rest of the Airbender movies, I'm in agreement. Sit back and open your mind!, October 12, 2010 By Earl Alworth "Earlspirit" (rialto, calif) I loved it,, constantly amazed,,, yes the characters werent the same....thats all i heard from so many,,, that the movie was not the same as the animation series,,,,,people!!!!!! open up your mind,,,step back and take another look,,, consider that there might be more to the movie than meets the eye,,,,,.. In ending,,, if everything was the same, time after time,,,,no taking chances, no new adventures,,,just give people what they want,,,,, Guess What? Avatar.. The last Airbender series,,,,would not have been created,,,,,we would still be watching cartoons from the 1920s....no ... we wouldnt even have that,,, because ,,, art was once to be thought as evil, antisocial,,, artists were mostly outcasts,,,art was ususally destroyed,,in wars,,, goverment take overs,,,,do you see where i am going,,,, so,,,, please,,,, sit down,,,, watch the movie, one more time,,,,no expectations,,,open mind,,,,see it like ,,,you have never seen anything like it before,,, and then see what happens,,,, HONORABLE MENTIONS "BEST NEW PHRASE" Award: Watch it 100 times, it will reach you better each time!, November 21, 2010 By Matthew Kyle Buller (Lafayette, LA, US) The special effects and story were like engaging candy. "THAT'S ONE THEORY" Award: A TIE! I was astounded by this film, July 21, 2010 By Ginamarie Temoshawsky (Philadelphia, PA United States) I know that everyone keeps complaining about the supposed bad acting of the lead role but from the beginning I had interpreted that certain flatness as a reflection of how numb and in denial the character was feeling about both his past and future. I felt like it made the fear very real. Anime based-EFX goodness, January 24, 2011 By Coren Alan Grill "Coren" (Birmingham, AL) I almost gave it a 4 star because of some of the acting, but as I am a very large fan of all things anime since 1993, I half wonder if the director was trying to go for that "over-the-top" American voice acting we seem to get in every anime brought to the US with the actors. So in a way, though it's live action (first dubbed TV Evangelion episode anyone?), it still fits in really well over-all after you get used to all the actors, and the plots.
  22. JustinL

    Episode 53 — Anaconda

    Michael Ian Black had his facts a little wrong. Danny Trejo used to be a castrato, but after years of being so goddamn manly, them pelotas grew back, mijo!
  23. JustinL

    Episode 9 — Fast Five

    I think the Fast & Furious movies are the male equivalent of the Twilight series.
  24. Would like to do this for all the old episodes, but I'm not sure if I could go through this again. Don't know what shortcuts you might be using Paul, but I can't see myself doing this fifteen or whatever more times. Five-Star Amazon Reviews of Burlesque Burlesque, March 4, 2011 By EcstaticMomentz I would not be afraid to take a 12 year old girl to see this, as there are some lessons here and it is not a movie about being baudy. The music, dynamic singing and star-powered energy give this movie an A+++ in my book! The cast is CONTINUALLY & PERPETUALLY UNSTOPPABLE. Burlesque. Great Movie to be seen 100 times., December 31, 2012 By M. Jacobsen "Conservative Man" (Iowa) This movie gets better everytime i watch it. It would never produce an Oscar, but the director made the very best movie from what he had. Christina and Cher, 6 stars Music and dancing, 7 stars There was no nudity, with the exception of a brief shot of a man's butt. If only it was Chistina or Julianne's butt, I would have given it 10 stars. However, leaving nudity out was brilliant. It will be a classic movie someday. Other thinking simple entertainment, March 15, 2011 By C. Mueller "Corina" (Reno, Nevada) I loved this movie and so did my daughters...so much that we have watched it a couple of more times. Is this movie based Mother Teresa, world hunger or the great writings of Keats? Ummmm...no, but who cares. Whatever ever happened to just simple entertainment...the story line is predictable, but again who cares. I do not know about the rest of you, but if I want serious and depressing now-a-days you seem to only have to walk out the front door...I do not need every movie I watch to reflect the same thank you. The costumes, the music, the visuals were all amazing and it kept me coming back for more. So a bit of advice to those of you who seem to be "Part-time" critics...have a coke and a smile! Thank god I didn't have to do any huge amount of thinking, simply sit back and be entertained! I give this two thumbs up! Pure Entertainment!, November 26, 2010 By Jenny Bishop (New London, OH USA) My husband and I took our 16 year old granddaughter to see this movie. We all loved it! It was pure entertainment and so refreshingly unvulgar. We loved the singing and dance routines and didn't have to be embarrassed. I was worried that it would be vulgar and sexually explicit, something that we have too much of these days, and how wonderful to see that a movie can be done without that junk! The actors were very likeable and the story had a happy ending. I can't wait for the DVD so we can watch it again and again, just like Pretty Woman. Cher STILL Rocks!, May 3, 2011 By Judith E. OConnor I haven't actually watched the DVD, but, I did see the the movie at the theatre...I HEARD of Christine Aqualara? but, didn't really KNOW what she did--I thought she was fantastic--her voice is beautiful...as for Cher, I've always been a fan, and went to see the movie because she was in it--also, why I bought it--you can't go wrong with Cher--always entertaining for many, many, years, and hope she will continue in some capacity for the next forty or so years! Best Musical Movie!!!, November 29, 2011 By Colleen At first, I did buy this a year ago and then my mom kept on borrowing my movie. I decided to give my first copy of the movie to my mom since my dvd player didn't recognize the movie. I absolutely love musical movies and that I thought that I would give it another shot to buy the movie again because I love Christina in the movie. This is my top musical movie that I would watch over and over. Burlesque DVD, December 12, 2012 By Stacie This product is a gift for Christmas but im sure the person will love it, plus it come in on time HONORABLE MENTIONS: "Best Typo" Award: I cried!, May 18, 2011 By Jerry J. Myers When the plug gets pulled on three performers on stage who are lip sinking....Christina pauses and then starts singing the part, thats when I started to ball...it was incredible.... "Most Awkward Phrasing" Award: Such a great, underrated musical gem!, June 21, 2012 By Dr. D (The Boondocks) Now I'm not a musical kind of guy, but I've only seen a handful of musicals, and this one ranks among the best. It's up there with Rocky Horror and My Fair Lady (my other two favorite musical movies). This movie is great for both guys and girls. For the girls, you can look at all the gorgeous women and appreciate them for their style. You can also look at the very handsome lead actor, Jack, for some eye candy. Maybe you view them as role models, perhaps (and maybe you fine lesbians can whet your whistle a bit!). For the guys, well...you can look at all the gorgeous women too and get your male juices flowing. For the gay men out there, of course there's lots to love! You got your Broadway musical thing going on with your fabulous icon, Cher (and a musical track by your other icon, Madonna, interspersed in between scenes), and then there's Jack with a partial nudity scene. "Might Actually Be Gary Marshall" Award: Why you should not let critics pick your movies!, January 17, 2012 By Gary M. (California) I loved this movie! Great dancing, beautiful women, great singing by both Aguilera and Cher, and a good love story. The critics have this one all wrong. I usually don't listen to critics anyway. Listen to the opinions of movie-goers. They loved it, just like me. Like typewriters and land-phones, critics will soon be dinosaurs of the past. Why listen to one or two pretentious nerds when you can get hundreds of reviews with overall ratings from real movie-goers on internet sites like this?
  25. JustinL

    Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)

    As an added bonus, it looks like the entire film is posted on YouTube.