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    Episode 36 — Gotta See How These Puppies Feel

    When I think of Sean and Hayes, I obviously think comedy geniuses and massive, otherworldly Hollywood stars, but I didn't know that they would also be so smart. I mean they got tricked by Lorne Michaels so many times that I thought they might be a little slow. My opinion definitely changed this week. I mean who is smart enough to test out a new Humvee out to see how it feels. If I had crazy podcast forum money like Sean and Hayes I would just go in and pay cash, but no, then they would have never known that a humvee makes crazy grinding noises and doesnt stop suddenly. Thank you guys for cluing in us bozos to such smart ideas.
  2. Carl_Sjunior

    Episode 35 — Riddle Me Why

    Do you think they are taking the steroids Wes has stopped taking.
  3. Carl_Sjunior

    Episode 143 — Normies

    Natasha is funny but what did Taylor Swift is country music to Republicans mean? I mean I am a Republican, but still enjoy music and she has been poppy lately but she is still a country artist mainly. I dont understand how being a Republican has any relation to music taste. I understand that most podcasts are filled with Democrats who hate Republicans, but at least be witty and interesting with your subversive comments.
  4. Carl_Sjunior

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    I thought I was pretty good at math ( I am an engineer and all) but I guess I had never met a true whiz like Elissa before. I was pretty confused when they started the competition, but she explained it so clearly and logically that it was a cake walk from then on for me. I will definitely go into work and tell all my coworkers about doing estimate of the ratios.
  5. Carl_Sjunior

    Episode 168 — Breaking Bread

    What a beautiful start to the week with odenkirk and besser. I'm so excited for Cobb in Seattle.