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    It puts the plugses in the basket.

    Love the change up in this one!
  2. If this was released 13 years ago it would have been on the Gilmore Girls soundtrack, which Zoukas loves so you did an around great job!
  3. MarshLandMonster

    Addicted to Plugs

    Doesn't suck at all.
  4. MarshLandMonster

    We All Scream for Plugs Theme

    This and your Bones Thug theme are really good. Kittens! The Musical is also great.
  5. MarshLandMonster

    Cursed Plugs Theme

    This is bad ass!
  6. MarshLandMonster

    Covered In Plugs

    Covered In Plugs. A spooky one! For Halloween (Realized when I originally posted this it wasn't downloadable)
  7. MarshLandMonster

    Covered In Plugs

    Finally made this downloadable.
  8. MarshLandMonster

    Earwolf Fans in Chicago

    My girlfriend and I are moving to Chicago, the Ravenswood area, in July with zero friends and family out there and are looking to find some friends. Who better to become friends with that other Earwolf fans?! We're in our early 20's, lookin' for dads ; ) Not really, but won't exclude dads ; ) I love CBB, Sklar Bros, Fogelnest Files, Apple Sisters, and Who Charted. We're trying to have a summah!!! I'm also an audio engineer looking for any bands/rappers/singer-songwriters to work with in Chicago. I've been described as "The best in town" in my hometown by many of the people I work with and my rates have been called "Too low/We're not complaining but you should charge more" by all the musicians I work with besides all the rappers I engineer because they're rappers. So if you or anyone you know is interested in any music work don't be afraid to contact me at marshlandmonster@yahoo.com Portfolio: marshlandmusic.tumblr.com
  9. MarshLandMonster

    Episode 174 — Losing Our Chartginity

    Through context clues Howard let us know his age.
  10. MarshLandMonster

    Who do YOU want to be a guest on WHO CHARTED??

    Jake & Amir. Also an extra long episode with Chip Pope!!!
  11. MarshLandMonster

    The Player's Plug (NNF)

    A funky groove plugging Never Not Funny. https://soundcloud.c...layers-plug-nnf
  12. You saw the Death Ray, now here's the BANG BANG. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!
  13. MarshLandMonster

    50 Shades of Grey (2015)

    I saw it and laughed HARD. My girlfriend said the first act is scene for scene Twilight. The acting is bad, the script has poor dialogue, and it's just flat out crazy. Joven, she does get flushed at the drop of a dime and there is a lot of dumb product integration.
  14. My tummy is messy but now my thought are clean. Welcome to Comedies.
  15. MarshLandMonster

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    HellRaiser Revelations.
  16. MarshLandMonster

    Episode 41.5 — Minisode 41.5

    They are... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2313197/ It'll be animated so you know it'll be dope.
  17. MarshLandMonster

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    The two "WTF" moments for me were in the opening scene, when the riot was going on, a car blows up and this random guy looks into the camera and screams while moving his head around. The other was when they were processing Dredd and stripping him of all his items, they rip off his shirt sleeves, then rip off his whole shirt. Why not just rip off the whole shirt?!