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  1. David D.

    Episode 5 — Shipwrecked

    You know you are playing D&D when someone matter-of-factly asks, "Wait, why are we bringing the bodies?" as if they are packing a bag for the day.
  2. David D.

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    I've been eating up all these episodes while working today, so I forget if this was said in this episode or now, but the simple, matter-of-fact, "The bear is here, guys", was fantastic. I think Spectral Bear is the breakout star, and surely should be the t-shirt.
  3. David D.

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    And it's a Spelljammer?? Oh HELL yeah.
  4. David D.

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

    We want their babies! This show is fantastic. Keep up the great work.