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  1. NYCHooligan


    Professor Blastoff isn't playing in my iPhone app. Anybody else?
  2. NYCHooligan

    Frozen Earwolf

    I'm unable to play any podcasts on the app. Everything seems to run fine until I click listen now, then crickets. The player just sits, nothing loads, nothing plays. Anyone else? I deleted the app and re installed it and I'm getting the same problem. Cheers.
  3. NYCHooligan

    Frozen Earwolf

    Comedy Bang Bang isnt working.
  4. NYCHooligan

    Frozen Earwolf

    Yup, works for me now as well! Thanksn
  5. NYCHooligan

    Frozen Earwolf

    Ok, specifically, Prof Blast Off isn't streaming for me. Some others are working.