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    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I just finished listening to the "Masters" episode and it jogged my memory on a key character in the movie. As a kid I remember being confused that the court magician, Orko from the animated series, was dropped in favor of the lesser and completely unrelated Gwildor. I never understood why they replaced one of the most well known characters with this gnome guy. It turns out that, obviously, Orko would have posed some very difficult technical and financial challenges because the cartoon version has no face and no legs. He's just a hat, eyes, scarf and shirt floating around. I suppose this is a satisfactory answer to the replacement of Orko, but it doesn't explain why they decided to replace him with Gwildor. I suppose it gave them the opportunity to sell a new character's toy to children. Also, I remember listening to a recording of Revenge of the Nerds on audio cassette that my cousin made when I was a kid. Was it sad or clever?