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  1. i time traveled here from centuries in the future, i have for your an urgent message : the vaccine works, BUT it also makes X-men, the bad FOX xmen
  2. its like Dallas Buyers Club but for FELINE aids!
  3. where's the beef soap? please dont tell me you dropped it
  4. somebody burgled my ham, but i cant imagine who the culprit may be
  5. "Because it is formless, you call it invisible. Because it is soundless, you call it inaudible. It is silent, yet it is deadly. My flapping cheeks weep."
  6. But as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone, making in the world today takes everything you've got
  7. after my potty, your Scotty-2-Hottie is feeling clean & naughty bub_berking_woopurs
  8. goodbye pancakes , hellooooooo boners bub_berking_woopurs
  9. bub_berking_woopurs

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    Now THATS funny! I aint against racial jokes ( rembmer like that one time Wyatt Cenac got super pissed? ) I'm just sayin if your gonna do it, you need some context, like this example given, where being obviously horrible and over the top was a nod to the awful nature of the joke. I can't see the humor of a guy doing 2 full episodes being midly asian. Also no , this is no ol' sourpuss, im little button puss. B====D - - - -
  10. bub_berking_woopurs

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    I don't understand how this ming guy is supposed to be a character? I live in a predominatnt asian based culture and im not hearing a joke, just a spot on accent of a chineese or vietnamese man, there's not much eggaerated here so the only thing left that could be funny is the accent itself and little bit of light improv banter? Tito ben works because Eugene is filipino and he's getting lots of layers of filipino culture in his humor, along with the fact that yes, tito ben and the filipino accent sounds silly to the white folk. But again he's filipino and has the right to poke fun of himself and his own culture. This is at worst, maybe... mildly offensive but im just gonna say, whats the point in treading in something borderline racist like turing a culture into a punchline, if your not gonna make me bust up at the seams. ( been listening for like 7 years, never felt the need to chime in like this ) <3 JoshRulz
  11. bub_berking_woopurs

    some say smell you later, i say- 'smell you right now!'

    thats right todd glass, you know me now