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  1. Demand Communist Daughter in Madison at Eventful - http://t.co/jqeT8BCV

  2. How the HELL can they make a new mad Max movie without Mel Gibson. You don't kill the classics like that

  3. It's impossible to talk to people who don't like Doctor Who...always

  4. Trending Topic #CelebritiesIveBeenToldILookLike ... A youthful Bette Midler.

  5. The Bourne Legacy: Like the other movies, just without Jason Bourne. #EightWordsOrLess #DougLovesMovies

  6. It's not even funny how good #TheKillers new single is.

  7. I think that actors and actresses should be less charming and beautiful, that way the rest of us can get laid on a more regular basis

  8. Nothing like having Gilbert Gottfried scream jokes at a camera for fifteen minutes #RoseannRoast

  9. Dammit! #AMC spoiled the cliffhanger at the end of the Hell on Wheels premiere with the Season 2 sneak peek

  10. Ahh the weekend, when most people my age are partying and having sex, I'm up all night watching the Perseid Meteor Shower #winning

  11. Romney really branched out when he chose #PaulRyan it's not like that guy is white, Christian and hates gays..... Oh wait, sorry

  12. I believe that everyone that doesn't die on impact in diving deserves a gold medal, 10 meters is REALLY high up.

  13. Quickly close your eyes take a deep breath and wish that everyone in congress had to do a day of Liar Liar and Groundhog Day simultaneously

  14. Better Bourne Legacy.... Replace Aaron Cross with secret agent David Cross #sweet

  15. Everyone in Ocean City is asking the same question, u mad bro, but no one is responding

  16. I'm more proud of a Mars probe than I am of all of the gold medals our athletes have won, sorry #Olympics

  17. To all of the Sikh community, my heart goes out to you. This tragedy leaves a bad taste in the mouth of all Wisconsinites #templeshooting

  18. 19 gold medals huh? That's nothing, I've won more participant ribbons than I care to count #olympics

  19. The awkward moment when you look across a bar and see yourself in fifty years

  20. Even though andaguitar is the latter part of my Twitter name, I am not a musical comedian, I just mistakenly thought I was...musical that is