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  1. I've heard homophobia blend seamlessly into homo-erotica on sports talk radio and I will not tolerate intolerance...but I will eroticate erotica.
  2. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, "Have I yanked enough nose hairs out today?"
  3. We have a helluva show for you today so you can put that in your pipe and take it to the bank while the iron's hot.
  4. Ask me how I vote and I'll proudly tell you, it's Reginald I elect.
  5. There's a rustle in your head bro.
  6. Hey it's a silly rule that I follow, I'm not judging you, I just don't like to wear shorts after dark.
  7. When that drink tastes like basement bringing on a liver quiver, sometimes it's best to cuddle through the pain.
  8. Everybody knows that pizza tastes better pantsless.
  9. It's hard to float while you motorboat.
  10. Jordan Roberts

    Tastes like basement.

    Tastes like basement.