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  1. Podcasts are not a right, get over it. If you don't want to pay then don't. Suggesting people STEAL them instead of pay is crappy. People literally WORK to bring us this entertainment and you are in a friggin tizzy they want to maybe MAKE money? Tell me how many hours you work for totally free? We get 24 free eps PER POD available at any given time. I will tell you how much I give away for free at my job.....ZIP ZILCH ZERO. Earwolf has been my #1 source of comedy for over 5 years and I don't want podcasts to be a fad that dies out because they are not profitable. Not that anyone cares what I think but I have imposed it on you because Earwolf has graciously offered me that platform FREE OF CHARGE.
  2. elizamuffins

    Scoop Troop Top Tips - 2016, Volume 1

    I heard you liked handbooks, so i put a handbook in your handbook so you handbook while you handbook. Am I doing this right? Is this thing on?
  3. elizamuffins

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    Great pod as usual. Just wanted to pop in and say my recent inactivity is due to my inability to balance work and family, not death!!!
  4. elizamuffins

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    I didn't see this movie until I was in high school so obviously I hate it. Grew up loving the original. I had many friends who insisted I see it and were shocked I didn't like it. That being g said, I think there is a whole lot to me discussed in this movie than we heard on this so.
  5. elizamuffins

    DOUGHBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was really good in my opinion.
  6. elizamuffins

    Episode 162 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    45 minutes doesn't seem like much until you realize you could literally watch 2 EPs of the Big Bang Theory in that time so I mean come on that is a lot of content. And half of Doughboys is Mitch talking about his cats.
  7. elizamuffins

    Episode 162 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    Haven't heard the episode yet but I predict it will be amazing! This is sure to go better than my last prediction which involved a very large scoop of chicken salad and my mistaken belief that I "will never be able to finish all this food".
  8. I feel sorry for you because being old is #GREAT and don't let anyone else tell you any different. YEAH my joints ache, my hairline is thinning, and I can't eat beef anymore but I watched Friends and ER on it's original run and I have fond memories of tracking and cassette tapes and I had a pet rock and no one can take that away especially not a young person because like everyone knows they are dumb and lazy and sure maybe they are doing okay in Survivor but in the game of life actually I am winning because I have lived through some pretty great and some pretty terrible times to know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS whereas young people tend to think their terrible reality is the rest of their lives I know that the universe tricks you by giving you small tastes of happiness to get through the bad times that inevitably always lead to more bad times but hey you gotta keep going because it gets a little bit less horrible before it gets horrible again.
  9. Wanna feel old? I had BACDAFUCKUP on a maxi single cassette that I carried around in hysterically large case that looked like a little suitcase but actually had all my cassette singles in it. Brought it around to all my friend's houses because I really could not count on them having "WHOOMP There it is" or "Lately-MTV Unplugged Uptown Edition" available for me when I was in the mood to groove. I am like literally almost practically 40 so if you know what I am talking about you are old AF.
  10. Jen, I hope you have been listening to this pod because it's been really great lately. Aren't Hayes and Sean the best? Shouldn't they be more famous than The Doughboys? Their comedy is much more sophisticated and they are better looking. They have better looking wives and they also dress better. I don't get it.
  11. elizamuffins

    Episode 147 - Julie Klausner, Back Again

    Damn Julie!!!! Back at it again with the white boys!!! /Me sees herself out
  12. Almost couldn't listen to this so because Cody looked so menacing in the pics. In the end , I decided not to let the terrorists win and I listened. Which means I won because it was great.
  13. This pod really opened my eyes to the struggles my kids are enduring re: Pokemon GO. Think I might loosen up a little bit and try to show a bit more understanding. Sometimes parents forget that kids are more than just emotional and financial drains, they are also little people! Thanks!
  14. elizamuffins

    Episode 144 - Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend

    What a wild and wacky ep! When Sean was on CBB I thought everything must be cool with the boys and the Aukernator...now I am not so sure! I still haven't subscribed to Howl.FM because I still can't find the REAL site. Don't ban me!
  15. elizamuffins

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    I don't mind saying that while CBB has been consistently good this year, this is the best ep in a long time! This Sean Clements guy is pretty funny! I give this ep a solid
  16. Are there really people who don't like The Mountain Goats? Serious question. This is how I imagine it would go: Hayes: Have you ever heard of The Mountain Goats? Guest: No Hayes: Listen to this --(plays literally any song from them) Guest: Oh wow they are great, how have I never heard of them? My life used to suck and now it is great. Thank you so much! Hayes: No Problemo, dude!
  17. Hey I forgot to mention this in my earlier post but if you ask me this was another strong performance from the best pod around. Keep up the good work, guys! I know that the Doughboys get all the glory but they have to be on a podcast network run by Dan Harmon who lets be honest is not very cool or attractive so you wouldn't fit in at all over there. Stay with Scotty Auks who is cool, funny, and nice. ALSO wanted to say that I miss the popcorn gallery but since Tim Treese got ONE girlfriend and stopped posting here I say good riddance to bad trash. I have a fiance, 3 children, and a job where I can't even get online and yet I still have time to post here. ALSO, not that I have heard every ep of the Doughboys because I totally haven't but I did listen to one and Tim Treese had written them an email so to me it is pretty clear he has moved on as well.
  18. I keep trying to subscribe to Howl.fm but but every time I try to click the link from GOOGLE it redirects me to some site that is like just podcasts with people from ones I already listen to but for some reason they changed the names on this site? Where is the real howl.fm because I am getting pretty annoyed that I can only find the parody site.
  19. Great ep! Did you hear that shout out to me in the second ad? Sean has to talk to me in code so Steffi doesn't get jealous but he clearly said "legendary waterman" not "legendary water man". Gonna dine off this for months!!! Thanks Sean!!
  20. elizamuffins

    Episode 141 - Karen Kilgariff, Our Close Friend

    really hope Hayes and Sean stay sexy and don't get murdered.
  21. elizamuffins

    Episode 140 - Sharon Horgan, Our Close Friend

    bad enough I have carpal tunnel on my left side back from when I was making caramel apples 8 hours a day at Downtown Disney now I gotta do all this scrolling with my right index finger! It is frickin' killing me! Disney got away with crippling my left side but Earwolf won't get away with this destruction of the good and righteous right side of my body! Keep an eye out for a letter from my lawyer!
  22. elizamuffins

    Episode 140 - Sharon Horgan, Our Close Friend

    Finally finished this ep on my way home from work. I can't listen to podcasts or even surf the Web at work because my job sucks. I need a new job. Maybe writing jokes for Hayes and Sean? Gotta be better than the jokes Tom wrote, right guys?
  23. I got you all beat....i wore Cross Colours! In my defense I had seen in featured in Seventeen Magazine. However,the fact that I wore a bright yellow cross colours poncho with a pair of jeans that had a faux leather chap effect with that poncho is indefensible. there are no photos of this as far as I know so you can never prove it!