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  1. I wish I were able to connect with people on a level where they would list me as their BFF on NYE on the HH forums. No jokes guys. NYE is a time to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you want more out of life than looking ridiculously hot in your Hollywood Handbook T Shirt and realizing that looking good is indeed enough.
  2. Best record should win! Sick of Fantasy Football!!!
  3. I thought I was a hipster comedy nerd but I don't recognize a lot of this people. They look really funny so they must be in comedy. I have the same glasses as Matt Gourley. This post brought to you by too much coffee and not enough HH and the letter Y and the number 69 (haha)
  4. The Ballad of Muffins and Sean Hayes [media='']https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzmggUAqePY[/media]
  5. 2015 was a stellar year for podcasts and 2016 looks like things will only get better! I p!an on launching Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Poddin' With the Muffin sometime late spring! My first guests will be Andy Daly,Jason Mantzoukas,Paul Rust and the ayahuesca responsible for my hallucinations.
  6. good on ya, you right tosser!
  7. that foil sound!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. What is MARVELLOUS? What kind of crazy made up word is that?
  9. Oh man I miss Publix subs. I lived in Orange and Osceola counties for 9 years. I also Miss TooJays, Bob Evans, and casual racism. JK on that last bit.
  10. I used to say I was always a handmaids and never a handsome boy and wow what a xmas miracle! I am now a handsome boy! A real boy just like Pinocchio! Dream do come true!
  11. I would rather lose with Tom Brady than win with a CHILD ABUSER!
  12. I am assuming it has to do with some other podcast (steveH being a ghost) and therefore I don't care.
  13. very upsetting turn of events.
  14. Jake has never liked any of my posts but it is probably more to due with the whole Boston/NYC feud that has been going on since forever more than how funny/unfunny I am.
  15. Finally finished the ep and just wanted to welcome Silvrwoman to the pro version club and I wish I could let you bring Ashley in with you but the rules are pretty strict and she can't have a satin jacket
  16. Thank god I didn't get out of bed for nothing again today like last Tuesday!
  17. Things are not looking good for old muffins. Looks like my fantasy team is keeping with it's grand tradition of totally falling apart in the post season.
  18. I can stop listening to HH any time!
  19. I wish I were in Peru with the llamas like Kuzco and Sean instead of reading all these posts! No offense.
  20. I just saw Star Wars and you guys are wrong about it being fine. It was better than bad, it was good. My son CRIED.
  21. I am about 10 eps into RSS and I can't believe I ever said "No Tanks" to that show.
  22. Is Annie short for Anakin?