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  1. Great ep. I have to admit that working as an Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, that Simple Contacts ad was a real emotional rollercoaster ride for me. For a hot minute, I thought The Boys were coming after my livelihood. It was very upsetting and honestly had me questioning my entire life . Thank goodness that in the end they did in fact endorse eye exams because I am way too old to start over again.


    PS- can I get more info on this eye removal machine because my office definitely doesn't have one and it sounds awesome.

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  2. My 10 year old listens to podcasts to fall asleep each night. As I tucked him into tonight, I started this pod and told him "I'm sorry sweetie but Hayes and Sean said this is the last episode. no more Hollywood Handbook." He looked at me like I was stupid and said, "mommy, they are just joking. Just like the Doughboys. They are comedy people!". I sure hope he is right and Hayes and Sean start reviewing restaurants I haven't eaten at in over 10 years and also ones I have never heard of and most likely will never eat at!

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  3. They are probably quitting the show because they found out I got married and they are so depressed I'm off the market they can't go on.


    You guys might think being a single mom isn't attractive to hot young men but I have found quite the opposite to be true.


    I should start a podcast.


    Edited to add:


    I am going to see The Mountain Goats this month in RI. Which is a terrible place. And in November in Northampton which actually ok if you like that sort of thing

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  4. Dear Hayes and Sean,


    It is with the deepest sadness that I regret to inform you, I will not be in attendance for this year's Vulture Fest. I would be there for sure if I did not already have other plans! May 20th I will be the guest of honor at a Bachelorette party at Jacque's (Hayes I am sure you know this place). You see, I am getting married in June on The Bridge of Love at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, NV. This sadly, has eaten up all my vacation time

    How I wish I were not stuck in this 9 to 5 grind and I could jet away whenever I wanted! How amazing would that be? Maybe I could get a job in TV? I'm white and I'm from Massachusetts! I guess the one snafu would be that I am not a man. Maybe we can overlook it just this one time?

    Anyways , I wish you the best. You are of course invited to my wedding. Inbox me for details. It's gonna be great.





    Ps- plz excuse the poor formatting,grammar,and paragraph structure of this post as I am on my phone! I do much better work on a PC. My son us using the computer to play Roblox so I can't get on it right now!!!

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  5. I am going to admit something right here that may surprise some if not all of you.


    I had to stop listening to Crimetown and Stown and any other podcast like that because I'm not sure how to put this in a polite way but when I listen to those podcasts and hear the hosts talking I sort of get why middle america hates the liberal east coast elites and how Trump got elected.


    I think Earwolf has the best staff if I am being totally honest.


    Crossing my fingers that we get an ep this week.


    As an aside, why can't the idiots at Feral get an ep out on time?

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  6. Hey Guys, your old pal Muffins here.


    Things were very good for me and now they are very bad.


    I have almost no time to post online and there is a clique at my work that orders special lunches every Friday and I am not in it.


    Despite these dark times I am happy to report Hollywood Handbook is still coming out every week and giving me something to look forward to.


    Please stop threatening to stop the pod.



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  7. Really stellar ep all around.


    I'll admit it, sometimes I post even though I can't think of one single solitary funny thing to say. Just love the thrill of seeing my name on the interwebs! Unlike my ever aging and sagging body, the thrill of posting never gets old! Just think, in a year when we are all working in a Russian Gulag all our posts will still be here reminding the world that we once had fun! So while obviously I agree with Hayes and Sean that everything is horrible, can we agree that hey it could be worse?


    There, I said it.


    I just hope the Russians don't delete the board.

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