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    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Excellent stuff!! I'd love to hear an episode with Tom Leykis and Marissa Wompler.
  2. I can't think of a good way to open this post but I'd like to acknowledge that my question is pretty fucking weird..... Does anyone know where I can find an article about "fecal blow through (FBT)"? I found this news story about a microbiologist who discovered traces of "fecal organisms" all over the seat, headrest, armrest and floor of four East Texas movie theaters, but there's no promotion of an FBT-type theory in regards to how it got there. (Also in super-fucking-gross movie theater related news, I found this review of "The Hypocondriac's Handbook" where someone, presumably in reference to one of the book's factoids, mentions that researchers found "vaginal bacteria" on a movie theater seat.) So please, post a link to the story Jessica was referring to. I work full-time at a movie theater and I'd love another reason to hate my life. In closing, WOMP UP THE JAMZ!
  3. I recently caught Crank 2 on SPIKE. For a movie with fucked up stuff from beginning to end, it was fun and interesting to see what was deemed appropriate and inappropriate for basic cable. Also, I felt like SPIKE cut a couple scenes (likely due to time constraints and not content) that made the movie a little more confusing, which is saying a lot because the Crank universe isn't the most logical. I know it'll sound weird, but it's for these reasons that I recommend watching it on SPIKE to anyone who gets a chance. In response to Jonny Marko -- I absolutely agree about the score being fantastic. I think that the score for Crank 2 played a way bigger role in shaping the movie than the score for Crank 1. It brings a great, 1980's B-movie feel to the film. I disagree with those above who felt this podcast was short on substance. I think they did a great job! I don't care if you're the most sophisticated person on the planet; your unshakeable first impression to Crank 2 is bound to be: "that shit was fucking KA-RAY-ZEE."