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  1. The Abbottar

    Episode 196 — A Different Huelliverse

    As sad as it is that Huell is gone I am glad that he got this proper sendoff.
  2. The Abbottar

    Episode 195 — Making the Snow Angel

    He was late. I have a feeling that Scott was going have him do something at the top of the show, but obviously that didn't happen. While I don't think he was off, this definitely is not an episode for someone listening just because of Reggie Watts.
  3. The Abbottar

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    I am more of a Bong Dole kind of guy
  4. Its bi-weekly? Excellent for some reason I thought it was monthly.
  5. The Abbottar

    Episode BO2012.2 — Best of 2012 Pt 2

    My new years resolution is to perfect a Woody Allen impersonation
  6. The Abbottar

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    From now on all of Harris' appearances need to begin with, "And I'm Harris!"
  7. The Abbottar

    Episode 51.5 — Minisode 51.5

    I looked up Surviving Christmas and the story behind its release is kind of crazy. It was released early so that it wouldn't hurt Paycheck's box office. This movie was so bad that Paycheck was the masterpiece between the two of them.
  8. The Abbottar

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    When will we meet Gutterballs? Remember even though he is white he has the voice of a black man.
  9. The Abbottar

    Episode 54 — Why or Why Not?

    Can we send Eric somewhere actually intimidating to justify the producer
  10. The Abbottar

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    #t=3m57s I think he might have been featured on the show, but the gold in this video is from 3:57 to 7:13 An insane conspiracy theory behind the song Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe and how it points to the AntiChrist.
  11. The Abbottar

    Episode 185 — Cum Scanners

    Usually Chris' voice is annoying to me but something seems different. Either way I'm happy for him to be on the show.
  12. The Abbottar

    John Carter (2012)

    I actually kind of liked John Carter. It wasn't the best, but that movie's failure was a result of marketing not quality.
  13. The Abbottar

    Submit clips here!

    Action starts at 2:12. One of the greatest OVER reactions I've ever seen in a movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN32EygoXYA
  14. Never saw Liz's show or really any MTV shows. That said this was a fascinating insight into MTV and some "important" moments from its history.
  15. The Abbottar

    Submit clips here!

    When you said they were prepping for sequel I quickly found the website http://quigley2.com/ and thought that it had to be fake, but upon further research this website is 100% sincere. Wow.
  16. The Abbottar

    Submit clips here!

    Gary Busey stars as Quigley. A movie about second chances and redemption through becoming a Pomeranian. A straight to DVD movie that hits all of the awful cliches and tricks of kids movies, dog movies, and body switching movies. And here is Busey talking about what this movie means to him.
  17. The Abbottar

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    That one is also on Netflix and was directed by the fine Alan Smithee
  18. The Abbottar

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Starring: Matthew McConaughey (who wouldn't need a chainsaw if looks could kill), Renee Zellweger The only problem with this one is that it is pretty hard to find, but this with another remake coming soon this sounds like a golden choice for a future HDTGM http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110978/
  19. The Abbottar

    My wife....

    Whenever I hear that phrase. I think of Borat through the eyes of CBB.
  20. The Abbottar

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

    Its all of the things that you look for in the best Nic Cage movies. An absolute must that follows all of the criteria for a HDTGM movie.