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  1. Homer

    Episode 130 - Bedroom Eyes

    Spaghettios calling out the snort; give that kid a contract!
  2. Homer

    EPISODE 368 β€” Ric Bic For President

    Scheers voice... I can't even handle this.... I might die from busting a gut (from laughing so hard lmao). Wow.
  3. Homer

    EPISODE 360 β€” Snow Dome

    Hey random guy pretending to be a mod, you don't decide what we do or do not get to post anywhere on this forum. Furthermore, the point of the episode thread is to discuss said episode and all it's contents. Just because you don't like the discussion doesn't mean you can tell people to shut up. Most forums have an ignore feature which you can use to hide all the meanie bad people from offending your precious forum viewing experience.
  4. Homer

    EPISODE 360 β€” Snow Dome

    Paul Brittain you absolutely suck.
  5. Lost my shit at the Rob Dyrdek callout
  6. The incessant giggling into the microphone let's the listening audience know that it's supposed to be funny.
  7. Wompler you should not call Char-dog the B WORD! THATS VERY RUDE!!!! Btw I love your podcast, well cya.
  8. "Coming to you from the grave, this is Marissa Wompler." - Marissa Wompler 2015
  9. Homer

    EPISODE 355 β€” Kid Detectives

    I love America
  10. Homer

    Episode 211 β€” Flatulence

    Tig is happily farting somewhere at this very moment and this brings me feelings of deep solace and gratitude.
  11. The Mangum Opus of HDTGM. Absolutely fantastic. Stunning work of modern podcasting art. 10/10 stars.
  12. holy god damn shit Adomian needs his own podcast lmao edit; hahahaha Pamela is legendary as well
  13. Homer

    Episode 2 - Cereal

    Lapkus loves laughing at her own jokes and even things that don't exactly qualify as jokes but just things that she said.
  14. Homer

    Episode 191 β€” Kyle and His Mother

    i haven't even gotten through the introductory ads yet and i already know this will be one of the greatest podcast episodes ever recorded, god bless you dunnigan!
  15. To be fair "really well-performed improv" is still just a couple of people making shit up. Presumably their end goal would be to create something humorous but often times it's just rambling about some straight up nonsense. Not referring to this episode in particular or Lapkus, just improv in general.
  16. This went about as well as you could expect one of these "fan interactions" to go. Sean and Hayes say funny and interesting for a living, you probably don't so they had to make the best of it.
  17. Just learned about his podcast from this and it's incredible.
  18. Holy cow that argument gave me sympathetic rage syndrome, fear eyeball, and wobbly tummy!
  19. "When Bob’s interview guest doesn’t show up he goes on an emotional journey with engineer Brett." Already laughing.
  20. Homer

    Episode 185β€” Spirituality

    Kyle actually looks buff as heck in that picture, I would never suspect him of having such tiny baby calves.