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  1. I went for simplicity. https://soundcloud.c...tv-themes/plums
  2. SlyBattery

    Episode 418 - Paul Reiser and The Apple Tree

    It's weird to me how many people couldn't stand the chewing. I normally can't stand chewing sounds but this for some reason does not bother me. Maybe because I am laughing too hard. Maybe I just learned apple chewing specifically doesn't bug me. Either way that song was maybe the hardest I have ever laughed. It gave me a headache from laughing so hard. Also, I see Paul Reiser is on Never Not Funny so maybe this has already been mentioned, but I could not get over how much Jimmy Pardo and him sound alike.
  3. This was my thought exactly. There is something about Matt's prodding of Pam with promoting her stuff/complimenting her character in the Seeso ad that makes me think she would be a good candidate for confrontation corner.
  4. If not the best, then this is definitely one of the best episodes of this show yet. Everything worked and was making me hurt from laughing so hard. I can already tell I will be listening to this episode multiple times. All the performers were on the ball but Horatio Sanz seemed even more into it then normal and man it was great to hear people so good at playing along with his completely absurd initiations.
  5. Mirroring some previous posts in saying great episode with oddly unresponsive crowd. Some of the laughs in this episode had me gasping for breath. The Cosby Kids and Ian doing a sting commercial for wetwipes was some "best of" material.
  6. Interesting this scene had Lauren Lapkus talking about eating ass, and last Sunday at (eating) Assssscat she initiated a scene where she asked to eat Sean Conroy's ass. .
  7. For Q&A I'd go with: Ep 26 - Jon Glaser's bad boy journal Ep 20 - Seth Morris getting so excited about Rick Springfield he does a headstand and breaks a table Ep 13 - Ben Schwartz confrontation corner segment. Ep 30 - Scott Aukerman's Leia t-shirt. Ep 32 - Horatio Sanz keeping a "Diarrhea" Ep 27 - This was from later in the show, but Neil Campbell's Target story is great. Short one but Ep 31 - Matt abruptly saying "Why can't jews cook?" Also, I completely forgot about one of the best bits from the show which was ep 7 at 20:55. I can really only explain it as Ian Roberts as an insane customer in terrycloth shorts buying $45,000 in caviar. The letter from Matt's dead dad leading up to it is also great.
  8. SlyBattery

    Episode 37 — Calm Down!

    Matt, did you really not know the names of the games you mentioned or did you not want to sound too into them? You even seemed to own one of them but you didn't know the name of it. If someone asked the brand of tv you own someone would probably get it right, but when it's video games or something that could be conceived as juvenile you have to say "uhh yeah that x-station or whatever." The other way to sound like a total dork is to post something like this on a message board. But it was the one thing that irked me about the episode, which was hilarious btw.
  9. SlyBattery

    Guest suggestions

    Jon Daly also Brian Stack.
  10. A bunch of my favorites: Ep. 8 - Goon Fight - Hard to choose a favorite from this episode, but the state fair cow judging scene at 19:35 makes me laugh every time. Ep. 6 - Apple-tini - 12:32 Alex Fernie trying to buy a rape van. "Yeah but it doesn't play the teapot song!". Ep. 26 - Live From Bridgetown! - 48:25 Bumper car road trip. Ep. 31 - Cyborgs - You might be a cyborg is my favorite part but its not really a scene. But the Stephen Hawking scene at 31:58 is also consistantly funny. It...probably still works even without hearing the cyborg discussion previous. Ep. 20 - Darker Than Nougat - 24:47 - Seth Morris as Jeanette Ep. 14 - Pubes on 3 - 40:37 Sean Conroy as T-1000 repeatedly ripping out Matt Bessers heart. Ep. 19 - Twirly Burrito - 24:35 Checkers checkers tournament brought to you by Checkers. Ep. 27 - Mustard Girl - 41:16 - Monica Saturday, Saturday Night Live.