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  1. Watch some new shows, But remember the old. One is silver, The other is Emmy gold
  2. Dan Milway

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    Don't forget about Cameron "Caramel" Esposito
  3. Dan Milway

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    Come on Shampoodler, it's not that kind of a show!
  4. Dan Milway

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    @Number Oh okay. I guess I tend to trust a handsome fella.
  5. Dan Milway

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    Sorry, Forgot to post a pic of my D (dad) as per the forum guide
  6. Dan Milway

    Sexy Frankingstein?

    Hey guys, Whaddup x2? We've seen that Draculas and Werewolfs can be sexy teens, but what if Frankingstein were a sexy teen? Could someone speak on that?
  7. Serious as a fart attack
  8. Aukerman is dead. Long live Aukerman!
  9. I guess that's why they call it a "Hand Saw."
  10. Where Art and Science spoon.
  11. Dan Milway

    Favorite character catchphrases

    Huh? -Most Andy Daly characters
  12. For the last Goddamn time I'm not Chris Hardwick! Welcome to Stuff You Should Know, I'm Marc Maron
  13. Motorboat early and motorboat often.
  14. Error 404 - Catchphrase not found
  15. Don't touch that Dial! Use this Irish Spring instead!