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    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    You guys asked at the end what's the worst super hero movie? I must say it's Shaq's 1997 movie Steel where he plays DC superhero Steel. Check it out! Here is a link for the home video trailer (Icould not find the theatrical one)
  2. EddieDean

    Steel (1997)

    On the Batman & Robin podcast you guys talked about what is the worst super hero movie. Well I must say it's 1997's Steel. Staring Shaq as DC comics Super Hero and Superman's colleague Steel. It's so bad! Terrible plot about stoping a drug dealer. Shaq and his crippled army buddy team up so he can become the metal wearing hero named Steal. Bad acting, bad writing, corny 90's action, everything about this film is bad. Here is a link to the home video trailer (I couldn't find the theatrical one)