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    Episode 62.5 — Minisode 62.5

    Paul I don't know if the guest has already been selected, but if it is at all possible, contact Adam Carolla to be the guest on this show. His love of, and love of ridiculing, the Fast movies is so genuine and heartfelt. I think it would make for an awesome show. He has a great eye for spotting plot holes and errors in any movie. Here are some examples of massive plot holes and mistakes I never realized until Adam Carolla pointed them out. 1. In Red Dawn (the original) when the boys visit the Dad in the prison camp, the Dad says it is dangerous for them to be here and if they get caught they will be killed. Yet, when the boys finally leave the Dad shouts at the top of his lungs "AVENGE ME!" which can't be helping them leave undetected. 2. In Rocky 3, Rocky gets beaten by Mr. T, so Apollo trains Rocky "to get his speed" which is why he is doing all those bizzarre training regimens like swimming in the olympic pool, or foot racing Apollo on the beach. But when it comes time for the rematch with Mr. T, Rocky doesn't use his speed at all. The fight just turns into a slugfest but this time Mr. T's punches aren't hurting Rocky. 3. In Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage does a stunt where he jumps an entire football field on a motorcycle. The announcer at the stunt repeatedly says "Fieldgoal to Fieldgoal, 300 feet, a new world record!" and even the hot reporter girl says it at least once. But the reality is 300 yards is Endzone to Endzone. The fieldgoals are at the back of the Endzone. He really jumped 360 feet.
  2. Azuth11

    Episode 43 — Wild Wild West

    Great episode but Im surprised that while they were talking about the whole movie promotion machine, they didnt mention the massive multi-million dollar musical performance at the MTV movie awards.
  3. Azuth11

    Episode 42.5 — Minisode 42.5

    I remember a part during the MTV award Wild Wild West performance where some guy does a backflip and lands flat on his stomach with his hat falling off. I always assumed it was a real accident and not a choreographed part of the "bar brawl" theme of the performance because the camera switches off the guy incredibly fast.
  4. Azuth11

    Episode 42.5 — Minisode 42.5

    Paul please please please, 2 things I strongly urge you to consider for your Wild Wild West episode. 1) Ask Patton Oswalt to be a guest for this episode. He has hilarious stories that he has shared about this movie on his appearances on the A Special Thing podcast and the Nerdist podcast that your listeners will enjoy. Nerdist Podcast Episode with Patton Oswalt (Begins Discussing Wild Wild West at 00:12:54) www.nerdist.com/2011/05/20431/ YouTube clip of Patton Oswalt discussing Wild Wild West on A Special Thing Podcast www.youtube.com/watch?v=s10XIDC1bUs 2) Consider playing the YouTube clip of Kevin Smith talking about working with Jon Peters to write a Superman movie. The origins of the giant spider are amazing! www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgYhLIThTvk