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    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    I [may] have some interesting gossip to add to this point. (This is just hearsay, so it needs to be fact-checked.) I have a family member who worked on the post-production special effects for Deep Blue Sea. According to this relative, the ending was changed without informing Saffron Burrows -- watch her death scene again: as soon as she jumps into the water there's no close-ups, no reaction shots from her being attacked: only a CGI rendering of her body being eaten by the shark as soon as she hits the water. Supposedly, she was NEVER told about the change to the ending, so she went into the premiere still thinking she was the co-hero of the movie and was totally gobsmacked sitting in the theater watching herself be unceremoniously killed in the climax and LL Cool J taking her place. Again, this was told to me by someone who worked on the movie, and it needs to be confirmed, but if true it's pretty amazing.
  2. LIBonEarth

    Sudden Death (1995)

    After last night's Super Bowl blackout, I think a "Sudden Death" episode should definitely be done.
  3. LIBonEarth

    Freejack (1992)

    Perhaps the greatest of Emilio Estevez's and Anthony Hopkins's long history of bad decisions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jlaE_8zcMU