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    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    It's probably pointless to bump this but if you haven't heard these, you've really got to give them a shot. I just re-listened to the whole saga on a road trip and was so completely engrossed, even more than the first time. Between this and the CBB episodes where U2 comes up, I would love to listen to Scott discuss music on a regular basis. I'm going to go try to get into Prince and the Talking Heads in hopes that it'll somehow result in Scott realizing that Zappa has at least 4 top tier songs.
  2. This one isn't mine but I fully support it and am therefore bumping it.
  3. That's what i got, man, don't judge me
  4. Thanks for this, wasn't sure where to go to badger IFC. Still hoping for a DVD release too.
  5. Frictiony

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Glad someone else felt this way. When explaining it to my wife (who went to the show but doesn't listen to the podcast) I described it as a hilarious tacit apology.