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  1. "The key to a happy marriage is never go to bed angry" said some fucking idiot.
  2. call me by my name and don't touch me
  3. If god is 3 people, I'M 3 people. eff that.
  4. A.I.? More like A.. AY YI YI!
  5. If Keith needs relief, the options are beef, queef, or reef, Chief.
  6. Local Cabal

    Hear my plugs

    https://soundcloud.com/stevebush/hear-my-plugs Thanks!
  7. "June Gloom?" asked Rachel Bloom. "Nope. June Poontang, Man" said the Wu Tang Clan.
  8. duck duck goose, punch punch kick, hand hand knife, swipe swipe duck
  9. Local Cabal

    Hear My Plugs

    https://soundcloud.com/stevebush/hear-my-plugs short up tempo and catchy