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    Episode 124.5 — Sklarbro County 29

    Great episode guys, as usual. Keep it up. One small point. Chipotle is not McDonalds. McDonalds was the majority investor in Chipotle from 1998 until the company went public in 2006. After Chipotle's initial public offering in 2006, McDonalds fully divested from Chipotle, selling its shares for $1.5 billion. People often point to this as a sign of Chipotle's hypocrisy or their true identity as a corporate puppet that trades environmental causes. But, actually, its previous relationship with McDonalds was a positive thing. Steve Ells, the CEO and founder, adamantly insists on the company's commitment to local, organic, sustainably produced, and humanely raised foods. It's a real thing, and it definitely increases Chipotle's food costs, trimming the already tight profit margins on a $7 burrito. They can't realistically provide 100% organic all the time, but what they can provide within the limits of market forces is pretty impressive. To tie it all up, Chipotle can do this because they learned supply chain management and gained considerable supplier connections from McDonalds. Chipotle learned from the best, albeit somewhat evil, restaurant company and used its forces for good. By the way, I don't work for Chipotle or anything. I just researched them for a finance paper last year.
  2. EnnuiThePeople

    Episode 40 — Over Hard

    K Mart boasts an deft combination of poor selection, high prices, and the most surly, least helpful employees imaginable. Every K Mart I've been to seems like its coated with a thin gray film of dirt, illuminated with that antiseptic flourescent lighting -- the kind that would be used to light an operating room in a movie where a character is kidnapped by government agents and forcibly lobotomized. They also sell Little Caesars Pizza. Large pizza for $5, which I have not tried, because I have not yet given up on life. I seriously can not believe K Mart has stuck around this long. I have a K Mart less than a mile from my house, and I still drive 10 miles to shop at Target.
  3. EnnuiThePeople

    Episode 2 — Multitasking

    What serendipity, to have this podcast come along a mere 3 months after my daughter was born. Other Dad focused podcasts tend towards fathers with older kids, but this one strikes a nice balance. Plus, Jeff and Dave are good guys who actually love their wives and families. Anyway, Jeff: embrace the Baby Bjorn. It's the greatest invention ever. It allows for everything you guys talked about in episode 2 - mobility and free hands plus connection and quality bonding time with the baby. It sooths a restless baby, allowing her to feel safe and comfortable while looking around and noticing things. I go on walks with my daughter several times a week. She loves oggling the outside world, and I get to bond with her while getting exercise. Just my two cents. Keep up the good work.