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    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

    I haven't seen this flick in a while but I remember it being absolutely dreadful. It's available for free if you have Amazon Prime. Not sure about anywhere else. I had just finished my suggestion for Going Bananas and saw the Garbage Pail Kids book I bought on my table and figured it was a good time to send in that suggestion also.
  2. SCSImatrix

    Going Bananas

    So I'm sitting here trying to get through this monster pile of dung and thought of you guys. Lately, I've been picking up movies on VHS that are not available on DVD or Blu-ray. So far, many of them are rather dreadful and it isn't surprising that they aren't being transferred to DVD. This one on the other hand, I would believe everyone involved in the film and their families have been actively trying to keep this from seeing a digital release. Dom Deluise, Jimmy Walker and Herbert Lom seemed like they had all lost a bet and were forced into participating in this movie. The talking monkey character alone is enough to make you run screaming. I don't think I have ever wished for a movie to end so much in my life and I have seen many, many, horrendous flicks. I'd rather have my eyes propped open and be forced to watch a 24 hour marathon of Catwoman, Godzilla, or even Battlefield Earth than have to sit through this movie once more. On that note, I need to go squeeze one more VHS movie in before the end of the Memorial day weekend. Next up, The Invisible Kid. It can't possibly be any worse. If it is, I'll be curled up in the corner til morning.