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    Episode 108 — Pew Felt

    Sklars - the following is my general feedback as a listener since episode 1 (had followed you on Twitter before and Cheap Seats and Back on Topps before that). The main show (country) has become just too much of 'inside the stand up's studio' for my tastes. It is just not that interesting week in and week out for those who just want to laugh and do not need to hear what every room in the US is like. Or the fact that bachelorette parties suck at clubs. Or how everyone writes their material. Or hear the words "largo" or "riff" every 7 minutes. I find myself enjoying County more than Country for this reason. I have listened to every ep of both and usually all of them on the day they come out. But I am starting to find myself reaching for the FF button to get to quick hits. This is not to say I do not want interviews or guests. I do. But try to avoid it just becoming all about stand up. Just my $.02