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  1. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang everybody. That, of course, was the Comedy Bang Bang theme song performed by, Big friend of the show, maybe BFF of the show: Mr. Reggie Watts. Always great to have you here Reggie, uhhhh, but -- maybe its just me, but you sounded a little... pitchy? Are you sick or something? Wait, No, Reggie! Dont Leave, I didn't -- Awwww, Reggie, Come on. Well Reggie left before I could even get to todays Catchphrase, So I guess we're not having one today. Sorry Everybody. No Catchphrase today.
  2. 10. If this Door's a knockin', then Choctaw's a Rockin' 9. Hurry down to your Local bar and buy Nanna a new Bicycle! 8. When the Mer-People eat Fiber, You Know I'll be at that Party! 7. Hey, Fussy PillsBottom! Get in the ChuckWagon! 6. Why Dance with Spurs, when you can Dance with Spurs? 5. Please TellAndré 3000 that Miss Jackson is an Unforgiving Existentialist. 4. If you mispronounce 'Hermaphrodite', you get weird looks in Church. 3. All Urinary Infections are now Half-Off! 2. Why Not just ASK the chicken why he crossed? 1. Murderous Pecks of Rohan! This Chili is not even Formatted!